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Hello, yes, it's me...

Hello, yes, it's me...
So good to hear you again, my dear...
Come, tell me, please that you're gonna come;
I'm still waiing for you whenever you'd come
Hello, I don't get it, tell me again
that you're not gonna come neither today nor never...
But now I just understood
that's the plan you have chose
What's the importance of what I thought
I'd cry that I lost all I've got
but everything is covered in smoke;
where should I go, which way?
I don't want to remind you all that it was;
It's too late now and it has no point...
I don't exist anymore in your life...
I don't want to cry, I don't want to insist
I can't even have tears
what can I wish you, what can I tell you
but wish you 'Be happy!'
and may your road be calm
In any hour today and ever
yes, thanks, I'd try to be too...

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From outside

A bright sun, a distant laugh
came from outside, from another planet
and entered without permission, they entered through my window
and shook the flame that was quiet
And suddently they blow up cristals in our soul
they hallucinate and travel calmly through corridors with doors,
each door with its key
each key with its room
living house, attic, basement.
From outside comes sometimes different lives that don't die inside here
They make us become irreverent
They are the spirit of joy
of a certain wine that I like
They are sails hoisted to the wind
They are magnifying glasses to the thought
They are sails hoisted to the wind
They are magnifying glasses to the thought
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It’s really not true that dialect
is good only to write down those few trifles
to put on the parish newsletter;
scribbles that you can hardly read afterwards.2
My sweetest and most bitter words
turn up on the wings of dialect;
my conscience never uses the national language
to tell me what it sees.
Understanding our Bergamasque language: what a great luck,
what a beautiful heritage, a sincere way of speaking.
I breathed it in when I was still in my cradle,
it will breathe out my last thought.
Yet, pandas have a brighter future than it has,3
because words die out if there are no roots,
every season comes to an end, and the world changes:
at this point, my dear friends,
we’ll be speaking it in great amounts,
just not in our villages,
but up in a place that they call paradise.
  • 1. Italian {dialects} are actually local languages — mostly romance languages, which didn’t evolve from Italian, but evolved in parallel to it — which are called dialects just because they are not officially recognized.
    Italy has a wide variety of dialects, deeply rooted in the local identity of each place. However, dialects have been despised for a long time and many of them are dangerously close to extinction. Most are still spoken widely, at least far from the cities, but their scarce adoption by young people puts them in danger of dying away together with their old speakers.
    This song was composed for the National Dialect Day (January 17).
  • 2. Dialects are never taught in school, so people might learn to speak them at home or with friends, but most people cannot read or write them correctly. Moreover, most dialects have no official spelling rules, only more or less stable de facto standards.
  • 3. Pandas were at risk of extinction, and people acted to save them. Dialect are similarly endangered, but it looks like too few people care about that.
You can use my translations however you like.
“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

Me without you

Versions: #2
Neither the paper is paper without pencil nor me is me without you
Why when a problem goes , another one comes? it is fire knows how to burn
It is okey for birds but you don't have wings thow did you fly and go away from me?
My mistakes are like broken glass pain in me did I lose you like that?
Find me I am lost, my tracks disappeared I can't speak I am silent
Look at me ı am desperate I forget to take myself from you
Find me I am lost my nights are mixed with my days I am like drunk
Don't think I am drunk everything has been destroyed I am empty inside
Without you I am emtpy inside
Neither the day is enough with the sun nor I am enough with looking you
Nights make me sleep even if I don't like dreams without you
It is okey for the thorn but you have flowers how did you fade away and go away from me
You became my tornado I am destroyed tell me did I lose you like that?
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If as you promise1 I leave you
with a sad heart, a heart on a leash;
if we hurt each other, if2 by chance
caresses turn into wounds
When you tenderness if I sadness
Sad song of the Masses song
When you set me ablaze if I get jaded
If we break ourselves against3 passing time
When you take me, if I get
sobs and feelings in my face.
If you bore me, if I run away
If our sighs are too loud
When you fight, if I play about
it's sometimes in another bed4 indeed
When you violence if I dance
to remember your presence
When you give up if I'm too eager
A ship, a subway platform5
If you smile when you say
you think it might well be over
Loving word after loving word
all lovers eventually part.
And as for me, if I dream without saying
that you might come back one day
Memory after memory
if I couldn't retain the charm,
if life teaches nothing but how to grow old,
break into tears, surrender your arms
From heartbreak to heartbreak
since all seams6 are bound to fail
Sad love after sad love
if all hearts are dying one day
Some horizons turn into prisons
when passion turns into justifications
Tell me, why is it you who'll leave
why is it I who'll stand there.
Like a love story without a 'to love' verb
like a 'to love' verb without love
My love, what we promised one another
always ends up against the light
If in time's sad eyes
nothing but testaments keep flowing
From sad god to sad sad god
from farewell note to farewell note
From despair to despair
I'll keep on believing
whe could meet again one day
[on] a Seine riverbank, a station platform7
If you insult me, I swear that
if we happen to break
the word we vowed before,
if nothing lasts with time
If loving each other is no longer enough
If all we have to do is put an end to each other
if we just have to terminate each other
to be able to become [something] again
If we have to hold on for dear life
or put [things] on crosses
If we have to conquer the stars
or just sail away
Knowing8 when to admit defeat
Never giving up when all is lost
If we have to fight, to struggle
and they can shoot me down anyway
From sad war to sad war
le wind carries [something] to the cemetary.
You know, time only knows how to
turn our love stories into testaments.
If I no longer know how to tell you [something]
If there is no other choice but to leave
From sad love to sad love
should you stop at the crossroad
If a morning a station platform
If you decided to go and have a look
toward other shores, other drifts9
should you decide to follow
Another wind, another elsewhere
to go and make your heart beat
We count our love stories
then if one day we realize
From deference to deference10
if we lost insolence
If one day 11 our differences
turn love into indifference
If I can't keep you any longer
by my side, then it's decided
If you must or should go
far away from me12
When the only thing you still love is memories
and the only thing left to do is leaving
If you have to either hurt one another or let
the eyes cry one day or another
To leave everything with a smile
a loving word for13 a n empire
toward other lands, other wars
to go an burn your light
If loving one another is to say goodbye
then we have to love yourself for both14
If loving one another is to know how to grow old
If loving one another is to know how to die
in order to let love fly away
in order for it to go and beat other drums
From ter to tear we disarm ourselves15
when you no longer know how to keep the charm
My love, I can't say
how much loving you makes me suffer
If I'm pretty sure I have to go
please, let's keep smiling
by thinking that maybe tomorrow,
like sad moored ships,
who knows? After forgetting each other
we will be able to meet again
We will be able to meet again
who knows? after forgetting each other
we will be able to meet again
  • 1. for some reason he uses nouns as verbs ('promise, tenderness, sadness' for 'promise, being tender, being sad')
  • 2. Saez tends to use 'oui' as a kind of general emphasis or maybe just a filler, like 'yeah' in English. That rather sounds like the rants of an old geezer in French
  • 3. as usual Saez overuses 'au', which has a very vague meaning and could mean a few different things like 'against time' or 'as times goes by'
  • 4. lit. 'in other [bed]sheets'
  • 5. that's a very recurring image he used in at least 3 or 4 other songs, based on 'quai' meaning both 'wharf' and 'platform'
  • 6. 'déchirure' can also mean 'rip' (for a clothe)
  • 7. the 'quai' pun yet again
  • 8. 'à' does not mean anything here
  • 9. just there for the aliteration, I guess
  • 10. or maybe bow, the meaning is so vague it could be either
  • 11. another litany of meaningless 'oui's
  • 12. I dispensed with mimicking the convoluted French, but that's basically what is meant there
  • 13. could mean either 'against' or 'in exchange for'
  • 14. 's'aimer' could mean 'love each other' or 'love oneself', but that makes no sense either way
  • 15. or might mean 'we drop our guard'
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