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The abandoned grave

I saw many goldfinches and mockingbirds fly by,
but the song the little birds sing is sorrowful,
they head for
where was laid to rest.
They cry when they see his grave
the grave where the General rests forever,
without a carnation, without a single flower,
just dried leaves offered by the gale.
Long live my General Francisco Villa! long live!
None of his Dorados1 want to accept
that Villa rests beneath Chihuahua's sky,
only the birds that trill over Parral
go to cry over his abandoned grave.
Only one went, the 'forgotten one'2;
and he went to his grave to murmur a prayer,
my loyal friend and good soldier,
I engrave on your grave 'I'm here, General'.
I'm here my General Francisco Villa! I'm here!
Sing forever, oh goldfinches and mockingbirds!
and may your trills be heard through the mountain range,
and when you are once again beneath the skies of Parral
cry with me for the great Francisco Villa.
Goodbye, goodbye my little birds,
for I too want to remind my country
that there in Parral Villa can be found resting
in the heart of that place which I love.
  • 1. Dorados = lit. 'The Golden Ones' - Villa and the Dorados, “the golden Ones”, his ferocious cavalry would attack, firing accurately at a full gallop from their charging horses in the style of warfare perfected by the Apache and Comanches who the Dorados’ fathers had fought a generation earlier. []
  • 2. Refers to 'Tomás Urbina Reyes', a similar song can be found .
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We Are Getting Off With Our Faces Clean...

We are getting off with our faces clean
In the middle of the battle of brick twitches
Night’s accompanied by the burning curtains
Dreaming’s under the mask of melted wax
There’s a tucked tail in coppiced coppices
Bled white by the snide, sneaky memory
Acquiescent stars that are shining bright
With their battered boots on stones they step
And with shabby soles – on the metal rails
With a feline paw in the bootleg they’re
At a narrow pace claws kept sheathed inside
Going through the yard right along the fence
Altogether seeking a shaky plank
The ice melted is vaporizing now
To fall down on the lake tomorrow noon
I’d wash my face with it but there’s no time
I would drink it but I’m not thirsty now
I would shelter the kids from cold with it
Having failed to drown off the water’s edge
Crystal ice – that’s a too expensive thing
A rucksack full of blueish cubes to fasten
Put on twine and thenceforth – on conscience’ neck
Leningrad, September 1987


Because there are so many things I want to fulfill
I'm stopping, and I'm not free
Let's send the longing that I hid in my chest
with full volume
Let's go! To the other side of that crescendo
Even if you stumble, even if you're forced out, it's alright
We're waiting for your tone
Sound out! Brimming with dreams of being born
Let's set out now towards that big sky
Open up! Put a smiling face on our friends
Don't let go, I don't want to give up
Have courage to repel even limits
Dream Solister!
The clumsy, unhonest parts too
Are part of your hardworking personality
So one more time with a natural face
Let's try to play out our feelings
The beat of our dreams is free
You can't produce a sound with just one person
I realized that, so sing without hesitation
Let's burst forth! Shine! Swing!
If each person's heart can stack on top of each other's
It will begin now:
The prelude of youth
Reach! Passionately, and dragging the world along
Let's picture a future without an end
With one, then two, the melody is multiplying
Come, come here
You have to have fun, there's much more until we're a fortissimo
Dream Solister!
A melody that seems like it's written playfully
Isn't a reason not to, so let's make music!
Sound out! Brimming with dreams of being born
Let's set out now towards that big sky
Open up! Put a smiling face on our friends
Don't let go, I don't want to give up
Have courage to repel even limits
Dream Solister!
With one, then two, it's multiplying
Come, come here
You have to have fun, there's much more until we're a fortissimo
Dream Solister!
I want you to let me hear your voice
The unending music
Goes on

God Bless America

In any case... Banjo!
Even though we lost almost every war
We're chosen to keep things in order
And if you don't drink Coke and feed on Burgers
In any case you'll be a bloody fuckin' terrorist..
First it was the Indio's turn
We sent them back to Manitou, to chew their Pemmican (1)
No matter if Ku-KLux-Klan with a texan hat
Wherever we go, everything's gonna be alright.
USA a-o USA, God bless America!
USA a-o USA, before we're called, (we're already there)
USA a-o USA, God bless America!
USA a-o USA, before we're called, (we're already there)
In any case... Banjo!
In Vietnam we weren't really treated gently
From Cuba and Korea too, we had to ride home with sorrow
But during 'Operation Desert Storm' and in Hiroshima
Our groove hit home like a bomb - made in America.
We're not about power, money or oil
We only want one thing: the whole damn world
So we can build a Disneyland in every place
and sing in unison: Mickey Mouse for President!
Now play it again, Uncle Sam!
In the good ole' days of the New World
Uncle Tom stood by the cotton plantation
Today he's ruining our country charts with his rap game
And soon he's also gonna own Hollywood
Then we're gonna take him along to Iraq
To dish out a serving of 'whoop-ass' among friends
We're gonna make this democracy thing work out
And the best way to do it is by being a torturer (2)
In any case... Banjo!
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There are so many stories
I hid on my own
Because of our happiness
Want to protect it, so I'm silent
Sometimes, you lied to me
I still remember
Love you so much so I gave
half of me to you
Sometimes, I really wanted
To come with someone and said that
'He is lying'
Sometimes, I really wanted
To come with someone to cry
To conceal my weakness
I'm just a girl too
Cry when being sad or smile when being happy
I'm just want to be like everyone too
So that you love me, only one
Sometimes, I can't believe
how strong I was when loving you
Strong or Stupid?
I can't distinguish anything
When I love you so much