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The abandoned grave

I saw many goldfinches and mockingbirds fly by,
but the song the little birds sing is sorrowful,
they head for
where was laid to rest.
They cry when they see his grave
the grave where the General rests forever,
without a carnation, without a single flower,
just dried leaves offered by the gale.
Long live my General Francisco Villa! long live!
None of his Dorados1 want to accept
that Villa rests beneath Chihuahua's sky,
only the birds that trill over Parral
go to cry over his abandoned grave.
Only one went, the 'forgotten one'2;
and he went to his grave to murmur a prayer,
my loyal friend and good soldier,
I engrave on your grave 'I'm here, General'.
I'm here my General Francisco Villa! I'm here!
Sing forever, oh goldfinches and mockingbirds!
and may your trills be heard through the mountain range,
and when you are once again beneath the skies of Parral
cry with me for the great Francisco Villa.
Goodbye, goodbye my little birds,
for I too want to remind my country
that there in Parral Villa can be found resting
in the heart of that place which I love.
  • 1. Dorados = lit. 'The Golden Ones' - Villa and the Dorados, “the golden Ones”, his ferocious cavalry would attack, firing accurately at a full gallop from their charging horses in the style of warfare perfected by the Apache and Comanches who the Dorados’ fathers had fought a generation earlier. []
  • 2. Refers to 'Tomás Urbina Reyes', a similar song can be found .
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The Sound of Freedom

Stand up and get to the Front
This is the Sound of Freedom
You are like new born
This is the Sound of Freedom
Again and again we break walls
But we know we aren't alone
It's so much on the
And we aren't yet at the Destination
Do it with hardness and feeling
Without Freedom is the whole life empty
should no one take us
come over here
You aren't too little for that
Do also something for
Everyone can be a Freedom Fighter
Stand up and get to the Front
This is the Sound of Freedom
You are like new born
This is the Sound of Freedom
Stand up and get to the Front
This is the Sound of Freedom
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Hustle brother

[Strofa 1]
I don't know if you're aware, I've been all over
with my brothers by my side, we gave rise to a new era
we celebrate every day, brother, let us know when you leave
There's a new sheriff in town, the riot police sing 'Miljacku'
There I am with my brothers, when you're in the South, hit me up
You know that Killa has so much shit to say it could cause bronchitis
Ska is a problem, in a rizla roll is a fresh arugula plant
at Sicily, baby, I separate the wheat from the chaff
Hierarchically I have begun like a solider,
But now I'm taking that shit - John Gotti
everyone has their own place of worship to where they will go
I just count my gains and don't think about that
Everything smells like perfume until you breathe through the gills
Don't work at the corner, that's usually trash
Jovanovic Yugoslavia, celebrate the ghetto
Vutra and Vodka liquer, nothing of Cocaine and Caviar
Weigh your happiness on the scale
Profit at the bank and be smart
hustle, hustle
this is the town of hussle
hustle, hustle
Be a hustler brother
But the gangs fight on the streets
We don't waste our time with that, we just count the cash
Hustle, hustle
This is the hustling war
Hustle, hustle
and whoever hustles is a brother
[Strofa 2]
Ghetto kids use the blade to discover the truth
Short haired kids, bitches, welcome to Dusseldorf,
To set the scene, they'll give it to me at the door, no fuss
My youths are soldiers, they await with guns drawn
the first time clench your teeth, you've entered our circle
and there's no turning back, positive balance, of a new leader
I awaited amin from the top, then I came back for what's mine
I survived the tail of the game like an army through Donetsk, Ukraine
Rimokilla original, you pretend like you don't see me
Ego trip your heads are tucked away in your backpack - John Kennedy
I didn't want to interfere with you guys, my mum
In my head quickly on a hunt, quick fingers, I roll the 10th
Rappers are bad players, on the grass without a place
Who's the leader? Rimokilla - Sepp Blatter
This city is small, you know where to find me
Sicilian Hustlers, I tie you all up like fresh mortar
On our stack all these bitches
Meaning we do all that harder
On our stack all these bitches stay
They would wait in line for their very brother to penetrate them
I don't see a problem there because it all comes and goes anyway
My path, brother, wouldn't have gone any better than Carlito's
One motherfucking Music on the beat - it's finished
It's not over yet, because you still aren't drunk while we ride
Brother, do you remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx
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Number One

you and your friends looking at me standing alone in the field
you know that I'm number one cause my fans supporting me
Number one
I see you scared can't keep up with us
if you were too many we don't care cause we gonna dominate and change the reality
Number one
beware naives the legend is here , entered your life bothering you
mind in the head know your destiny and who drove over you his flash lights blinded you
number one
success loves to knock my door cause the top is my choice and ambition
Run when you hear my gun shots
Number one
Number one
success loves to knock my door cause the top is my choice and ambition
run when you hear my gun shots, don't ever think you can race the Ferrari
Number one
Number one
I have no rules
my way is clear to success cause I'm an unstoppable legend
every lock has a key , play play boy
he ran for his life once he saw me , I'm challenging everyone , my words strikes like a horsewhip
Number one
Number one
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I don't understand anything but simple English
Although I love to dance, health comes first
A longing complex is like a huge traffic jam
While the car stereo lifts my spirits, the caste makes me angry
I've been trying always and ever
Whether I'm blessed or not
I just want to have fun
Since I don't want to cry
Even if there isn't a God to ask
There's no need to show yourself off
Just be as you are
Pour out your own ideal, ok?
Instead of incomplete half-thoughts
Just be as you are
And go towards your ideal
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