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Waiting (Mehaka)

Versions: #1
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One day it will happen
Without notice it,
Something will change.
Something will calm in us
Something will touch us
And there will be nothing to be afraid from.
And it will come
Like a line engraved on the palm hand, it will come.
Confident in itself
Like it always been there and waiting for us to notice him.
And it will come
You will see
The clenched hands will lengthen.
And the heart who keep from getting hurt,
will beat at regular rate.
It will come, as the nature use to be complete with itself.
One day it will happen...
And it will come
Like a line engraved on the
palm hand..
And it will come, you will see...
And it will come, as you know
Not everything will shake us
Not everything will hit.
And what opens for us

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