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Population II - Il eut un Silence dans le Ciel versuri traducere în engleză


There was a silence in the sky

His time, he counts it,
But each time he forgets a finger
It seems, under his feet, to be spikes
Spikes that he expands
Spikes that he chooses
To keep close to his heart
A humble
Similar to an archangel
Made him wailing and anxious
He did a visual scan
You are the one that is
You are the one that comes
You are the one that will be
This second felt like an hour
And this hour like a day
This day felt long, long like a year
The awakening of a hundred senses shook up everything I knew
And I could honestly feel the pain that goodness can bring
All around his throne
Twenty-four of them
That were slaughtered
I am the one that is
I am the one that lives
The one of which everyone will say

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