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Go Away

Versions: #2
Go away, but leave me your number
Maybe I'll call
But, generally, I don't know why
I need these numbers
I already don't even remember
What your name is
And now to me
Telephone numbers are like ciphers
Go away! Leave your number and go
We met purely by chance
I don't even remember where
The chance of our second meeting
Is exactly zero
And now you say you don't want to go
You say that you cannot go
Go away - I don't love you
Go away! Leave your number and go

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Clear eyes, the color of the sea
in a face that is made to kiss.
Pink lips that make you dream
of sweet nights full of languor.
Grace, why do your hands
caress those flowers and flee from me?
Grace, I envy that book
that you browse every night, far away from me.
Grace, let yourself go, let go of your heart.
Fly to me, to me.
Grace, don't close your eyes, you must listen to me.
I sing for you, for you.
Grace, you are everything to me.
Grace, let yourself go, let go of your heart.
Fly to me, to me.
Grace, don't close your eyes, you must listen to me.
I sing for you, for you.
Grace, you are everything to me.
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Oh Wave

Oh wave, when it reaches thee
The wrath of sunken furies
Thou bearest all history
Oh wave, oh thy silence
Deeper than the grave
White like a knife stroke
Oh wave, when thou singest
It is a wail that flowers
Like the sound of a gun
So many boats lost
So many lands to be found
So many harbors buried
So many loves to find
Oh wave, smooth, smooth
Flowing, flowing


Our town as a calm world
And every day follows the same schedule
Our town has its calm ways
It's saying
Bounjour! Bounjour!
Bounjour! Bounjour! Bounjour!
There comes the baker with his bread as always
His morning trip is trivial
I've seen the same sight
Since we came to town
This sweet, tiny town
[Monsieur Jean, spoken]
Good morning, Belle
[Belle, spoken]
Good morning, monsieur Jean
Did you lose something again?
[Monsieur Jean, spoken]
Yes, I think so
But the problem is... I don't remember what
Oh well, I'll probably remember later
Where are you going?
[Belle, spoken]
To Père Robert with a book
It's about two lovers in Verona
[Monsieur Jean, spoken]
It sounds boring!
There goes the girl who is strange, she really is
She goes about, dreaming on her own
Never included in the girls' crowd
She doesn't need more than herself
She's rather odd, that Belle
Bonjour! Good day! And greet your family
Bonjour! Good day! And greet your wife
Six eggs for me! They're far too expensive
[Belle, spoken]
There's got to be more than this village life
[Père Robert, spoken]
Ah, there we have the only bookworm in town!
Where did you go this week?
[Belle, spoken]
To two towns in the northern Italy
I didn't want to go home at all
Have you gotten any new destinations?
[Père Robert, spoken]
No, unfortunately not...
But you can read one of your favorite books again
[Belle, spoken]
Thanks, your library makes our tiny corner of the world a bit bigger
[Père Robert, spoken]
Bon voyage!
[Belle, spoken]
See you later
There goes the girl who is very strange
She seems rather special
She wants to seem smart
With her gaze in a book
We don't really understand that Belle girl
Oh, it's adventurous
That's the place I like the best
Where she meets the prince
But she doesn't know that he's a prince until page nine
It's fitting that Belle means beauty
She is as beautiful as the sun itself
Well, but behind the exterior shine
There seems to be a very special mind
She is not the same kind as us
She doesn't think like us
Isn't the same kind as us, that Belle
[Gaston, spoken]
Look at her, LeFou—my future wife
Belle is the most beautiful girl in town
And thus the best
[LeFou, spoken]
But she's so... well-read
[Gaston, spoken]
Yeah... But since the war ended, it's as if I've been lacking something
And she's the only girl who fives me a feeling of—
[LeFou, spoken]
Mmm... je ne sais quoi?
[Gaston, spoken]
I don't know what that means
I saw right away that she's sexy-smexy
And I decided on my own
That she's the best babe in town
She's just as beautiful as me
I want to marry and settle down with Belle
Why, there he is
He's so adorable
Monsieur Gaston
He's so sweet
My cheek goes red
My thought sinful
He's such a big and lovely hunk
[Woman 1]
[Woman 2]
Mais oui!
[Woman 3]
Are you looking to buy ham?
[Woman 4]
A beautiful bouquet!
[Man 1]
Some cheese
[Woman 5]
Ten feet!
[Man 1]
One pound
Excuse me, I'm coming through
[Cheese merchant]
I'll get my knife
[Woman 6]
That bread
[Woman 7]
That fish
[Woman 6]
Is stale!
[Woman 7]
Is dead!
We're such nice guys
Okay, maybe
There's got to be more than this village life
I swear that I'll get Belle as my wife
There goes the girl
Who's something special
A very strange mademoiselle
It's a shame she's so odd
She doesn't fit in here
She's very strange
A beauty, but strange
Yes, very strange
That Belle!

With you

So many nights, I kept company
To my loneliness till morning
And my heart was empty of love
But this night when we're together
I fly to the moon and spread my wings
I feel like I was born just now
I only need you by my side
With you, I lived everything in one night
I feel like I didn't exist before I met you
With you now, I changed my life
And I make dreams from the beginning
Moments came when I asked for some love
And a hand to hold onto
But all the girls I met took something (from me)
But this night when we're together
And I erase all the mistakes of my life
I want to feel like a small child
That wants to learn everything in one night