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The right path is always harder

We live these fucking days, there is no giving up when I pass
and the plans in front of me don´t allow me to close my eyes
brother, I could sit down and give myself to my fate
but crafts of decvil are boredom and reluctant
the formula for success is work and not the words
collective error is the problem of an individual
imagine life in a productive color
when you accept the guilt then you think you´re better
if you don´t have and idol, then you don´t have the future
push yourself always above all possibilities
there are too many paths, so you must avoid the stupidity
in the minds of young people the lazinest want get
every man has the urge to create for himself
that one day they will be witnesses of existence
when there is no money, there also shoot the last claw
and your work ethic are stopping professor and coach
A man has one word
which defends his honor
if we´ll change the world
then let´s start from us
your life takes you to sin
money makes you afraid
the right path is always harder
so you have to be strong
You bind your talenat and swallow a pil of bensendin
while some man pushing his son so tirelessly
but it´s a life in which the weaker are losing
will you be silent to the end or you´ll show your teeth
I share people by the system when I´m out, and in the problem
they who talk about the cross, they´ll crucify you
it takes a bit to make it enough for a man
with my friends I pass a quiet navigation and shipwreck
I´m pure, brother, I have nothing to fear
neither if I´ll stand tomorrow in front of my parents
we´re not angels because we tried everything as children
in a small town, the devil offers chances from defense.
prostitution, ruthlessness, earning money
and stupid kids with the labl of weekend Afrodita
you want hanging, fucking and that friendship
on the dick of an old man the woman´s name loses dignity
Each shortcut takes you back one step behind
and I have friends who´ll never find a way out
when the crisis breaks, brother, taking clothes is a new beginning
because few people here escaped of a gold bullet
there is no shortcut to evoid the pain and sorrow
and many people for that reason try for the first time drogs
the smell of tobacco, one hundred and ketch on the table
I wont on that way, I know that I have many qualities
I see people wasting their time in vain
so I keep my palms high above each fire
and then they understand the essence of what I´m recording
that Eldorado rhymes all that goes through Milan
when comes the day that the soul go away with angels
you must know that I have devoted my life to what you are listening to
that will be a sign that I have come to the very end
but still, brother, I live life of samurai
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Nika nika marika

god god , what have you done to me , my heart is burning still
i dream about her face , to dream Marika , Nika , Nika.Nika
beautifull Marika , i have only a picture , my Marika is gone
with two new fiances
it was а bit that i was begging you and that i was talking to you
it was a bit crazy nights , my songs, my words
god god what have you done to me my heart is burnig still
and i dont have the strenght to bring you back my darling
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Symphony of Dreams

The shine of lights in the streets of my world
What have you just done with me?
Passion as if wrapped in silk
Wish me Heaven1 tonight
Heaven full of violins
I will show you all
Joy2 pulses on the tones of my skin
You are my symphony today
Always feel the day when you touch me
Let me feel as never before
In Heaven full of violins
You will show me all
Symphony of dreams, play3 on tender skin
Your strings4 sound so intimate5
You and I, a fairytale fantasy
Show yourself all that is possible
We are a part of a burning magic
This is Love that kisses us
In Heaven full of violins
I will show you all
Symphony of dreams, play on tender skin
Your strings sound so intimate
Symphony of dreams, play on tender skin
Your strings sound so intimate
Symphony of dreams, play on tender skin
Your strings sound so intimate
Symphony of dreams, play on tender skin
Your strings sound so intimate
  • 1. 'Himmel' can also mean simply 'sky', and while that would be equally appropriate in the next line - 'a sky full of violins' - the first meaning seems far better here, so I've kept the same translation throughout the song.
  • 2. 'Lust' in German can mean 'joy', 'pleasure', but also the same as in English - 'lust'. I have opted for the first version because of the general tone of the song (erotic, but subtle, not explicit), but, of course, all nuances should be taken into account. Wink smile
  • 3. The noun 'Spiel' can mean 'play' or 'game'; the verb 'spielen' is 'to play' in both meanings that the word has in English - i.e. playing a game and playing music.
  • 4. Apologies to those who didn't need this clarification - but 'Saite' meens 'string' only in the sense 'string of a musical instrument'.
  • 5. Can also mean 'familiar'.
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Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie

Versions: #2
Nous entendons l'écho de la vieille parade,
Nous nous lançons sur la route principale,
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans le cœur du soldat, toi, Moscou.
Nous avons honnêtement gagné notre victoire,
Dévoués à une sainte et sanglante cause,
Dans chaque nouvelle maison, dans chaque nouvelle chanson
Souvenez-vous de ceux qui sont parti se battre pour Moscou.
Manteaux gris. Talent russe.
L'éclat bleu des yeux sincères
Des jeunes cadets sur les plaines enneigées.
L'immortalité a commencé. La vie a été brisée.
Dans ce monde, je n'ai besoin de rien,
Seulement que tu soies en vie dans les moments difficiles,
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans chaque cœur russe, toi, Moscou.
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans chaque cœur russe, toi, Moscou.
Nos enfants se souviendront de ceux qui étaient avec nous,
De tout ce qu'ils ont perdu, de tout ce qu'ils ont sauvé pour eux,
Tu resteras seulement le meilleur de la planète,
La ville la plus juste de la Terre.
Le regard frémissant de nos vieilles rues,
Les mots durs de nos jeunes chansons,
Tu es mon espérance, tu es ma joie,
Dans chacun de nos cœurs, toi, Moscou.
© Copyright հեղինակային իրավունքներ Derechos de autor זכויות יוצרים Telif hakkı Авторские права:
Александр Листенгорт Ալեքսանդր Լիստենգորթ Alexander Listengort אלכסנדר ליסטנגורט


Pinocchio, Pinocchio!
Little doll, cheeky boy,
Where were you last seen?
You wanted to go to school,
What happened?
Little doll, cheeky boy,
The world is big and you are small
You can't be on your own yet,
Look at that!
Feel free to correct whatever I wrote, even when I haven't requested proofreading. ^^