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The Time Has Now Come

The time has now come - Glory to the Heroes!
The heavenly power leads us
To the mortal Fight! Fight! Fight!
For our Ukraine! For our native land!
For Bucha, Kyiv and Irpin!
Rockets fly into cities and villages,
Innocent children perish
People are crying... No to war!
The cursed enemy, flee back to Russia
For we are go into the last battle!
In the hellish battle for Mariupol
'Azov' fighters are strong in spirit,
Like steel! Steel! Steel!
No one in this world can conquer us -
Warriors of Light and of Goodness!
Everyone must know how a mother grieves
In the ruins of the home, in the fire,
And she no longer has children...
As she asks to drink water, even a drop,
The baby's dying of hunger...
The peoples of the world have become a wall!
We are for Freedom! Independence!
We are for Peace! Peace! Peace!
For our Ukraine, in the center of Europe,
The enemy tanks! Strike! Strike! Strike!
All roads lead to victory
All Ukraine is sown,
Like the Sun - believe you me!
And the flowers of Freedom bloom
In all the fields where the battles were fought!..

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