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Ramund would be a better man
if he had himself better clothing.
The queen gave him clothes at once
of tow, bast and leather.
'I won't have this sort', said Ramund.
'This sort does not suit me', said Ramund the young.
'Bast and tow are worse for wear,
you may give that to your servants.'
The miss gave him brand new clothes,
of silk and finest velvet.
'I would rather have this sort', said Ramund.
'This sort suits me well', said Ramund the young.
Ramund stepped soon on his ship,
it groaned and creaked all over.
All the boatmen were in the ship,
they thought they were going to sink.
'We will not sink here', said Ramund.
'We may sail just fine', said Ramund the young.
Ramund set anchor on the white sand
and let the prow come to land.
Ramund himself was the first man
who leapt out onto the shore.
'None have ventured more', said Ramund.
'None have ventured further', said Ramund the young.
And Ramund entered the gaming house,
where they played ball and gold dice.
Everyone was frightened by Ramund's skin
and his harsh countenance.
'A lovely game is this', said Ramund.
'Could I play as well?' said Ramund the young.
The emperor looked out the window
with worry and a sorrowful expression
'Who is this man who stands in my home
and has such a hideous laugh?'
'That is me, and I wish', said Ramund,
'To dare you to a duel', said Ramund the young.
Ramund struck with his good sword
so the earth shuddered and split.
The birds fainted and fell to the ground,
who had been singing on branches.
'Right now, before I am angry', said Ramund,
'that you are not coming down', said Ramund the young.
'Dear Ramund, do let me live,
for I am not your equal.
I will give you my youngest daughter ,
as well as half my kingdom.'
'I will take it, as I will' said Ramund
'your daughter too', said Ramund the young.
Ramund picked up his great knife,
which he called Dymlingen the arrow.
He took the life of the emperor,
that his head flew fifteen miles.
'I did not think it bit', said Ramund.
'Yet the blood runs down', said Ramund the young.

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