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Servan Badini - LI HERÎ JORÊ (At the top) versuri traducere în engleză


At the top

On the highest peak of Botano
There lies the castle of Esmerê
On the edge of the valley in Botano
Stands the watchtower of Esmerê
Through the lands of Botano
Without fear, they walk, Esmerê
The water of the river flows abundantly in Botano
For the thirsty, it's a spring, Esmerê
The ancient ruins are silent in Botano
Echoing the footsteps of Esmerê
Their songs resonate in the mountains of Botano
Their melody is the death cry of Esmerê
The water is restless
The flower of death blooms
Esmerê is the queen of Botano
The mountains whisper her name, Esmerê
The nightingale sings once in Botano
Their path is full of words, Esmerê
Enya is a tall tree in Botano
Reaching up and down, Esmerê
The six rivers are deep and dark in Botano
They flow with us and the Turks, Esmerê
The battle is fierce and relentless in Botano
The wounds on the swords and shields of Esmerê
The horses carry me gracefully in Botano
Their saddle is a lover for Esmerê
The spear of the hero is sharp in Botano
It drinks the blood of enemies, Esmerê
The Turkish falcons soar in unison in Botano
They guard the fortress, Esmerê
The flags are not mere decorations
Victory is not a fantasy
The joy of a beautiful war is in Botano
The sound of horses and battle, Esmerê
Four stars adorn their foreheads in Botano
Fear is the bride of the ravens, Esmerê

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