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The transvestite

If you know what a transvestite or crossdresser is (which is the same for both cases), there's nothing to explain, and if you don't know I'll give you an idea. Transvestism is when a man with hair, muscles and guts, turns into a hot platinum blonde woman that even the manliest falls for. A small operation, four injections and a wig and you turn Kojak into a sister of Nadiuska. Clearing this up, let's start the story.
My friend Manolo is very manly, a man raised in the country and more than manly he plays the manly, which is worse. The worst of who plays the manly is that he thinks he knows everything, and he always has something new to learn. That famous showgirl, twinkling star of the most famous party venues in Europe was debuting that night. Manolo invited me to the debut and I went to the debut with Manolo.
That woman was really amazing, a perfect shape and all the charm and attributes of a true super showgirl. Her name was Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse. Well, that Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse was like is vulgarly said hot as hell.
There are two ways of winning the heart of one of those showgirls: Or because she finds you likeable (something uncommon because they know every trick in the book) or with champagne bottles. I don't know if Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse found Manolo likeable, but I know that of champagne bottles, the already mentioned Mimi nearly ends with the harvest of 1970. If you give time to that woman, she would drink the Minilla swamp with bubbles.
Manolo was carried away. Manolo danced with Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse until his feet became like two country tortillas. And the closing time came. In that moment Manolo payed the bill which by the way it had five digits, and half in orbit says to Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse 'Mimi, my dear, I can give you right now a chocolate with churros that can leave you as new. Let's go' Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse didn't understand well the spanish and one of the waiters explained it. She liked the idea and just asked some minutes to get changed. Manolo was delighted.
Fifteen minutes passed and suddenly came out the dressing room, a tall, blonde guy with tight pants and a T-shirt. He went near us and said with french accent 'Alo, when you like it' Manolo stared at the guy with the half binge and said 'When you like it, what?' The blonde man answered 'The chocolate with churros. When you like it, we'll manger chocolate with churros.' Manolo as logic asked 'And Mimi? Where's Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse?' The explanation shocked Manolo 'Oh, mon cherie. Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse moi. Is me.'
Manolo almost had an epilepsy. When they explained to Manolo that Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse was a transvestite (I mean a man) and explained also what was that, he went to the Land Rover he had parked at the door and if we didn't hold him among four, he would break his head with the mattock. Going home he didn't open the mouth. Only in the farewell time, he said something 'Well, do you know what I tell you? That Mimi, la bomboné de Montparnasse could be a guy and everything you want, but boy. You don't know how sexy he was, you know!'

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