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Noriyuki Makihara - Are You OK? (Are You OK ?) versuri traducere în engleză


Are you ok?

The rain soaks me and my bike as I fall
No one is helping us
Wheels passing at eye level
Splashing past
When I think about it, up until today I was
Put myself first,
I've never done anything when I found someone in need
Now stop being the tragic hero
Let's do for someone what I wanted to do for me today!
The rain never stopped, will continue to wet the fallen girl and her bicycle
The pain in my knees and the coldness of the rain
I'm sure she feels the same way
“Are you okay?”
I said to her
I gently reached out and woke her up
She said 'Thank you,' a little embarrassed
She smiled
I will not add more tragic heroes to this world
I did for someone what I wanted to do for me that day
Also today,
The rain soaks me and my bike
But not today!
The shadow of an umbrella over me
And I can hear
'Are You OK?'

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