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Nevetés Dal (Laughter Song)

When I was a little girl and the sun went to sleep
(Tell me that she isn't...)
There was darkness and shadows and I curled up into a ball
(Yes, she is!)
I hid under the pillow from the shadowy shapes
But according to grandma, this isn't the right way
Don't be a cowardly rabbit!
(Well then...)
She said: Pinkie, my grandchild, don't be afraid!
Conquer your fear!
You'll see, you'll laugh about it
Nothing will bother you anymore!
So, laugh as long as you can breathe!
Giggle as long as you can!
There are no more ghosts!
Forget your tears!
Chuckle like a clown!
That over there is just a blanket!
If you are really afraid
Don't let your knees shake
Begone ghost! Get away from me!
But if you don't go, I've got lots of smarts
And I'm saying that this is the best
Don't do anything but:

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