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Jackie Chan - Keep Your Company Through Every Moment (潮起潮落陪你度過) versuri traducere în engleză

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Keep Your Company Through Every Moment (The tide flows and ebbs with you every moment)

I know you've been in a moment of disappointment, been through many twists and turns
Want to know where the true happiness is
The road of life is really rough, full of pains and falls
Without payment, how can I expect to get?
Although the past is too hard to look back, there's something we should remember
Life is like the flow and the ebb, who has not tasted the bitter fruit of failure?
Even if we make mistakes, we need to be brave and start again
I know the road of life is like the flow and the ebb, in the midst of the hard time just believe in oneself
I wish I keep my sincere feelings with you through every moment

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