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My Sweet Darlin'

No good to have lots of beautiful things,
because I'm scared to lose them
but...I want you I want you I want you even if you love someone elses
I don't care if you don't know why the clearsky is blue,
but I want you to know why my cheeks are pink...
Darlin', Darlin' Come here, I know you can see me
Darlin', Darlin' Or are you going to pretend you forget that kiss?
Darlin', Darlin' I had enough of your side profile, look at me now!
I could destroy the buildings and roads and whole world on a whim
That way I could immediately see where you are, right?
There is no God
Cause I have prayed that my feelings would be returned, I've prayed, oh yes I prayed...
Darlin', Darlin' Come here, I know you can see me
Darlin', Darlin' So, is it okay I forget what happened that day?
Darlin', Darlin' Perhaps it was all in my head?
Look who's coming now, it's you
Don't lower your eyes like you always do
Nothing will happen if you don't make your move
Stop filtering what's in your heart
Darlin', Darlin', can I come close to you?
and can I talk to you?
Darlin', Darlin', can I hope you love me?
but if you say NO! I will love you.

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