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Egor Nats - АВТОБИОГРАФИЯ (Intro) (AVTOBIOGRAFIYa) versuri traducere în engleză



Today is another night when I don't sleep well
Past, present or future?
I do not know which of these is more important
My thoughts flew up to the ceiling like smoke
And drugged my mind
Lonely me, missed calls on the phone
And the shadows of the things you left behind
Lanterns or stars?
I can hear what my neighbors are thinking
You hid forever
Somewhere deep in my memory
And even time will not find you
To delete
And why should I remember that
What don't I want to remember?
If time rotates around its axis
Then why run?
Memory is all that's left of you
But if we meet, don't flirt!
These songs are not about you

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