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Take the world and let it be yours

It's not time to stop
There can't be a time like this anyway
Swallow your words
If you hold it under your tongue
I can't give up
No, I have no cure
The moment you approach, I will topple over and fall
It's like it never happened
through the back door
Shut up and I'll go
As if he had tasted great loves
I won't shed tears of words
Don't let the stones touch you
eagle eyes
Take the world and let it be yours
I can't go to the shore
Make your heart swim in the sea
Don't get caught in the waters
Take the world and let it be yours
Jump on a ferry
Touch your heart to blue
To bubbles of love
Send a great army to your heart
Let him destroy everything that belongs to me
Take the world and let it be yours

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