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Song about security

You're going to the cottage, you've hidden your money under the mattress.
In the kitchen, you turn on the light, but the thief has a keen eye!
When the neighbors were robbed, you'd be afraid to leave your house.
There's no sense in reading a moral, there's a way out: don't let it happen.
We are reliability and clarity,
We're the Alliance Security!
You just call the code on the remote control
No door's tighter than yours
Is there a burglar in your apartment or has your cat jumped in?
Read the contract: the machine will always understand!
And the neighbors won't be bothered by an unexpected phone call:
You've been robbed, (Oh, my God!) You're going down!
The burglars won't be around long, They won't break in when they're not wanted,
The siren will sound a siren in their ears and they'll fight back.
If, late or early, you want to live without fear,
You have already found a reliable guard for you!

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