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A relentless bait and switch, pitch darkness
If only they would throw it in the ear
Where they liked to get some groove
Each hardship of people is a devastation,
Striving, striving to punish
The unprecedented flow climbed into the house,
Adding some colors to you
A momentum-speedster
Has it been often that you've run ahead
Deadlines were eating doubts
Fckin beat like an overrun,
My world was placing emphases
Singing of birds in the mornings,
Rather than a cough
Of an evil blind oblivion
I will briefly fall asleep, while the time's chewing generations
A wrong interpretation
Of the God wasn't boding much
Evil is on the doorstep
The stoned banderlog was attracted by the road of decorative syllable
I was whispered in my ear by a spirit molecule and a prana of the blazing sun
Everything will turn around, everything will turn around
Ooh, this is fantastic, I'm howling that this is fantastic
The soul's left the body again,
Everybody is talking barely breathing here
Don't set fire with your words,
This is my gut, this is my ocean
Music was taking it step by step,
I will be satisfied - this is the best gift
I've messed up,
Remember, I will put it into word
Falling into an abyss, only for a while I thought about the sky, I read the stars
Andy Panda:
I quickly gave a stab to fakes in the forehead,
Human drowns brain, flocks piss in their mouse Running around, a shot, the fuss is calling, then a shot again, alcohol, lechery and a coffin
Evil can't fool me, no,
And won't lead to anything, no
You spread hype to the masses, b*tch, move away from the mic and don't bark
We are non-barechin Ossets, crank up some cigarette smoke
The heavyweights have lifted the ship and hidden it into the sneaks
Chips under the skin, inserted rap, cyberpunk, shooters are the bosses in it
I see people, they get me to talk and ask me questions
How have you come to these topics, Andy?
What drives you fella?
How much have you earned?
Should we wait for albums?
Check it out, we're spitting too
Check it out, we're spitting too
Check it out, we're spitting too
Check it out, we're spitting too