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Două persoane, o persoană

Doi indivizi foarte diferiți,
Două viziuni total opuse,
Două voci cu propriile cuvinte,
Două decizii cu căi contrare.
Două puncte de vedere diferite:
Cald, rece... Luminos, întunecat...
Două conversații fără de sfârșit:
Bine, rău... Zi, noapte...
Nu vor atinge vreodată un acord comun,
Pentru că sunt fix ca magnetul:
Pozitiv, negativ... Atracție, repulsie...
Cu toate acestea, dăinuie în acelaș trup.

Dance and sing and never stop!

Dance and sing and never stop!
Even if the pain is extremely heavy,
Even if the tears slip away from your cheeks,
Even if the wounds are very severe,
Even if the load weighs on your shoulders,
Even if the world has turned its face against you,
Even if your family refuses, ignores and despises you,
Even if you feel like you can't move ahead...
Just... dance and sing and never stop!

Under The Old Tamarind

How to remember those moments
Where I played with my old friends,
I used to do my accumulated homework
Or just sit during the hot afternoons.
Countless times I climbed on your branches
To eat your fruit, something astringent
Or prepare drinks, jams and sweets
That delighted and made the family happy.
Your branches, so strong and leafy,
Gave shelter and pleasant shade,
You adorned the ground with flowers and leaves
Like a vivid carpet under my bare feet.
Over the years, many of the trees
Have been ripped off, felled and replaced.
But you're still there, immovable and unbreakable,
So much so that I know your harvest days.
You know my story, joy and tears,
But every day I am learning from you.
In every morning when I wake up
I see you and I feel like you say 'hello!'

Coffee? Yes, Please! ☕

If it's a gray and rainy afternoon
Or a sunny and colorful day,
Or if you're with a family member, friend or neighbor,
Or if you want to be alone,
It's always a good time
To have a coffee.
If it was a busy day,
Or if your work was very tiring,
Or if your studies were stressful,
It's always a good time
To have a coffee.
If you're reading a book,
Or watching a movie,
Or you're in a pensive mood,
It's always a good time
To have a coffee.
No matter what circumstances or opportunities
That may arise in your life,
Or the battles, struggles and trials,
Or the successes, achievements and victories,
It's always a good time
To have a coffee.

Can You Count...?

Can you count the sand of the sea?
Can you count the sand of the deserts?
Can you count all the raindrops?
Can you count all the snowflakes?
Can you count the morning dew?
Can you count the stars of Heaven?
Can you count the leaves on the trees?
Can you count the hair of all people?
Can you count all the tears that I cried?
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