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Când se pierde o iubire

Când se pierde o iubire
În viziunea și în mintea ta se schimbă totul.
Totul își pierde înțelesul,
Lumea îți devine dușman.
Când se pierde o iubire
Toată în absolut,
Absolut toată, e un pericol.
Când se pierde o iubire
Ploaia îți udă sufletul
Și acel nor negru îți urmărește pașii.
Când îți pierzi dragostea... Naaa...
Cerul albastru se schimbă-n gri, din alb cu negru;
Și în mare în loc de apă e foc.
Pentru acea iubire devii fragil, te doboară vântul,
Nu există vorbe care să-ți consoleze trăirile.
Trăiești un film de iubire
Unde tu ești victima și te deprimi.
Nici nu e un episod fără sfârșit, fără reclame,
Nici nu moare protagonistul, nu moare din supărare.
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Doar o singură dată se iubește în viață,
Îți spune Romeo!
Dă cântecul mai tare căci vreau să plâng...
Așa e, lasă-mă să aflu... Ooooh...
Când se pierde o iubire
Lacrimile îți cad din ochi frecvent.
Pupilele îți servesc
Ca martore că încă plângi pentru ea.
Când se pierde o iubire
De ziua îndrăgostiților te simți respins,
Nu are cine să te iubească.
Când se pierde o iubire
Clapele pianului nu sună,
Chitare fără corzi,
Un om fără vene.
Când îți pierzi dragostea.
Vei vedea la soare fără claritate, se schimbă știința.
Când se va face frig îți va fi cald și viceversa.
Acele petreceri deja nu vor mai avea emoție
Și de Crăciun vei plânge într-un colț.
Nu vor fi acuarele și nici culori pentru arta ta,
Doar o hârtie fără sens, fără detalii.
Și doar tu îl vei înțelege pe acel pictor...
Dacă nu mă înțelegi repetă cântecul.
Când îți pierzi dragostea
Cei prețios nu va mai fi.
Când îți pierzi dragostea
Multe lucruri le vei vedea departe, singur.
Când îți pierzi dragostea.
Spune-i adio unei frumoase iubiri.
Când îți pierzi dragostea
Deschide-i poarta durerii din iubire.
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Când îți pierzi dragostea...
Când îți pierzi dragostea...

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Song for a secret lover

There was among the leaves
a laughing woman,
so small you could turn her
into a slate tile for the roofs.
A woman for every laugh,
so pink1
to cover every rooftop.
Painfully I could
nail her like a canopy
to blood, to wind
or to the shadows of trees
or also to her own wings.
But love surprised me
in my lofty night of hate
with a dead bird in my arms.
How far will I strive to forget myself?
There was a woman
in the middle of earth
so riddled with mystery2
that you'd take her for a rotten fruit.
And men trampled her
to wrest her dreams from her ;
warm juice escaped from the mouth
that was avidly drunk by the soil.
Will I let a rotten fruit sail
into its season of great sorrow
with its stillborn cries?
There was a woman
with musical outlines,
a daisy with a golden halo
merging with the moon.
As I woke up - will I ever be sure of it?
stripped for entertainment
by the touch of a thousand fingers.
And I awaited her message
like during the most beautiful days in life.
Nothing came. No one knew I was drunk
with looking at my reflection in the lake
where the slain bird lay.
How does night manage to follow
the evil I secretly nurture?
It hands me to desperation
like a handcuffed prisoner.
So many tears have been shed since then.
Night devours only those who fall.
There was a woman
on the rocky evening path
who never wanted to say her name
but still leant on my shoulder
and spoke of future.
I didn't want to know her face.
I only remember her lips,
for there were so many
strange slow insects in the air
that looked like light grains of rice.
There was a woman
laughing on my shoulder
and I was like a tree
carried away by the bird.
I no longer know where I'm going.
Flower time3 has come to an end.
  • 1. or possibly 'so rose-like'
  • 2. 'mystère' could also refer to the middle age religious plays
  • 3. possibly an allusion to the 70's 'flower power'
This translation does not claim to be of any particular value.
Glad if you liked it, sorry if you didn't.
You can reuse it as you please.
Glad if it's for knowledge or understanding, sorry if it's just for money or fame.
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The sun

Yes, Tamatoa didn't shine like that before.
I was a small, little crab.
But finally I rose to the top.
Seeing takes breath away.
Did your grandma tell you to listen to your heart?
What does it say to you, where leads you?
Do you know, what I actually think about that?
I don't care.
I'll shine like the sun!
Like coins from sunken ships.
Just scrub and they will shine like the sun!
Like necklaces ponies are shining under neck.
Not for long!
Do you know?
Fool fish follow shiny shatter.
And they swim here, here, here.
Their heads are turned.
Fish soup!
But what to do, I'm going to swallow you...
Hey, scarecrow!
Yes, yes, yes...
It looks like you're smaller than I thought.
Such a small parody of gods...
You can't control the hook like earlier.
Don't you?
And it doesn't listen to your hands already.
I'll admit, I owe you for it.
After all, I've started from it.
Not the tattoos but riches collected here
Decorate me like that.
Oh, yes!
I'm like the sun!
Like a crown I carry my treasures.
They shine like the sun!
I am certainly too tough nut for you.
Real true!
Maui, you...
Just try.
But you are just half god.
Too tough crab for you.
You-you-you will die.
It's time for me to separate you actually
From the sensitive heart.
Alone, abandoned by everyone, who you loved.
By everyone, who's love you needed so much.
You pretend to be strong but to beat me you will lack of strength.
It's time to kick your fur!
Do you see that I'm like the sun?
Get ready to leave everything that you can.
C'est la vie, mon ami.
I'm like the sun!
Start to say your last wish already.
Just for me.
You'll never be the sun.
No metter how much you want...
The sun!
I have something shiny for you!
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The Blues

This song is for all those who have had at least once in their lives... The blues
You got your audience in 40 minutes.
And you're stoned...
The blues
You ended up collecting seaweed in a...
Fixed-term contract...
The blues
At home, the books
We were tearing them apart
The blues
To celebrate your alcohol withdrawal
You're blowing up an aperitif...
The blues
You paid 140€ of Japanese food
They gave you a Tsingtao.
OOOH The blues
You're gay...
But you're the only one who doesn't know about it
The blues
You got your wife and your mistress pregnant
At the same time
The blues
Your father asked for your mother's hand...
At the OTB
The blues
And I'm moved
You beat your addiction to marijuana...
Thanks to cocaine
The blues
The blues
Under drug
You visit the Grévin Museum
Oooh the blues
Mister V
Oooh the blues
You came to New York with an empty bag
You came back with two empty bags
Oooh... Blues
What I gotta do
# To make you love me #
Your social defeat...
Reads on your clothes...
Ooohhhhh.... the blues
When they're sick
You're putting suppositories on your kids
Aaahhhh! The blues
Your virginity been take
With a virtual reality helmet
Mega blues!!!
I've come to the maturity of my... Rap.
The blues
Ooooohahaaaaaa! The blues
Hit me
The blues


Versions: #4
The championship comes from sugar
Champion sugar comes
I have a star and I'm heading back
Champion sugar comes
We do not know there is a destiny
We do not see miracles hidden
Friends teased
I can see the view while dancing
I wrote the name, you can not delete it
You can not go too tight
Ellipse puppies
You go hard if you do not go
Love arrested my heart
The bell rang my skirts
You come from scrumptious
Do not stop burning anybody's life