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80 ways to waste love

There's a break-up in every corner of this city
Loves are like wishes hung on the branches
Don't come, don't go, neither truth nor myth
Is there or is there not, if someone has it, I don't
Come closer, get out, chase away then run
Get sillier with time, what a stupid war
80 ways to waste love
One - they love till death
They try non-stop
Stubbornly lose
Two - they're sticky with love
But once there's distance
They give up for some reason
Three - they love platonically
Love sad songs
Lose in life
Four - they love without loving
They pretend that they love
They're even smaller
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Autumn on Our Friesen Farm

When the wind blows through the trees
And the grass no longer grows
And everything turns yellow, then soon the time is coming
When the storms are driving across the fields
Where there has long been no grain left standing
And there’s no more flour left, then the time is nearly there
That the days will become shorter, and the nights, they’ll last a long time
And the neighbor’s children will become afraid of the dark
When the rain drips from the thatched roof
And my son walks more rapidly outside
Because otherwise he’ll get wet; and inside, the cat is purring
When the wind turns, and blows from the north
And rain beats against the windowpane
And runs down the glass, then I feel good.
When the fire burns in the fireplace
And everyone calls you by your first name,
Because he knows you: Then our house is full
Because the neighbors also don’t like to be alone at this time of year
And when you’re enjoying a tea-punch (with rum) around the fire,
then the weather becomes nice again!
When the leaves turn brown
And the water is standing in the ditches
Then it’s autumn on our Friesian farm!

Joe ochi-de-bumbac

Dacă nu era Joe ochi-de-bumbac
eram de mult însurat
De unde vii? Unde te duci?
De unde vii, Joe ochi-de-bumbac?
A venit în oraș ca o furtună din miezul iernii
Călărea prin câmpuri
frumos și puternic.
Ochii erau uneltele și zâmbetul - arma
Dar motivul pentru care venea era distracția
Aducea dezastru oriunde mergea
Inimile fetelor erau sfărâmate
Ele toate fugeau ca nimeni să nu știe
și rămâneau doar bărbați din cauza lui Joe ochi-de-bumbac
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Wound and salt

Iyak is wounded and salt .. Request rejected Mako peace
Your situation is difficult to fix. My heart is slaughtered
Spirit of war and your spirit .. Come to your wounds
Baker Tgini Ndman .. And to continue to Noah
Only Tigi and pleading
Yellie I've got spoiled
The most difficult thing I love you
And whoever complained, you laugh
The following is a piece of me .. and a regretful regret torment me
Who did you need? Why did not you let me down?