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Heart earrings

Stay with me. The rain
Turns to snow on the pavement
The windows of an empty café are clouded white
Stay with me. Do you like
My heart earrings?
I murmur lying that someone else gave them to me
Chide me gently. Aren't you jealous?
Did you cool down?
I don't want to believe the rumors of that girl
But if they were true, clear them up for me
Stay with me. You wanted to see
The roadshow
Don't say you went there before with her
Stay with me. Since it's irritating
I'll go skiing
With a made-up boyfriend
Chide me gently. Hold me like a man
Say 'you are mine'
I'll try to laugh about her with my friends
And I'll immediately forgive you
Did you just say goodbye?
I didn't understand because you were too far
Chide me gently. I'm not obedient
Don't stand from your chair so quickly
Watching you leave, I took off my earrings
If I throw them to the street, probably the snow will hide them
When the spring comes, I'll forget you
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The Camel Carrying Bearings

The camel that's carrying bearings has crumbled
because of how tilted its bearings have become..
I am a sturdy camel
But the malady is within my tamer
Oh, times
you have isolated humans
In these times everything has a price
They are the cheapest of times..
In such miserable times
Safety has gone away and never came back,
Fairness died unfairly
And justice is in a hospital's recovery room..
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I'm sitting alone in my room
And I'm thinking of the painful past.
Out on the street, sunlight is slowly coming down
And in the hourglass the sand is rattling.
I want to stop the hourglass
I want to forget my memories,
But the hourglass just rattles and rattles,
So, my dear, I keep suffering.
I do not know if you still believe it,
That my aching heart is forever yours.
In my dreams I see you
In my two arms I enclose you,
I do not know if you still believe it!
But if once, my darling, I cannot stand it anymore
This sore aching remembrance,
I will leave, I will continue ahead,
Because my poor heart is lonely.
I will take your memories with you,
So that I don’t watch the slow-rattling sand.
In the end, my darling, I always wished you,
Elsewise to be very happy!
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Mosquitos (Summer came back to us)

Everyone is colorfully dressed, light and breezily
Warm beer, coca-cola, tags prenuptial already
And glances secretly gather in a dark corner
Some kids, new people kiss in our way
Ooo, summer came back to us
Ooo, summer came back to us
Ooo, summer came back to our town
Bushes rock-rock, rivers smell with passion
Blood boils easier,you have a lot of time
You hear music from houses, people playing for themselves
And ponder about a new summer, already remembering the old one
And the beetles loved the summer
And the birds loved the summer...
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Go (when the trains go)

Versions: #2
It's easy for you
You are always coming back to someone
And without words or will
You don't lie better
to close his eyes.
I hope everything's easy for you
I give you everything
Silver moon on the water
which goes to the sky in the morning
when the trains go.
You go with them also
Go, let everyone have you
When you don't love me anymore
Go, go, travel with them
Go to southern cities
Travel until you get old
Leave me only
when the trains go.
It's easy for you to have good luck
In that world
I don't have a sister or brother
And loneliness which catches me
when the trains go.
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