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Soramado (Sky window)

How are you doing after that day?
Have you got used to that place you felt out of place.
As for me, I talk with accents I rarely heard back then.
That day, we didn't know what was happening.
I left my house with dad.
Thought we'll be back in a few days.
Seven years passed since then.
Friends I parted after a fight.
Brother who never came home.
'Thank you's and 'Sorry's I never got to say.
Words that float helplessly in my mind.
TIME makes us big.
But TIME drifts us further away from that place.
Our hometown, is it still waiting for us?
Now I got new friends in a new town.
Saying 'I'm back' in a new setting.
Loneliness and happiness and a little sense of guilt.
All these emotions I live with now.
If you ask me if I want to go back,
I find myself fumbling for an answer.
Maybe what I yearn is not that place,
I just wanna go back to 'back then' with 'them'.
Being able to say 'good bye' that's a blessed way to part, I think.
People tell me I have become stronger.
Don't know what 'being strong' means,
but I guess I dried up all my tears that day.
People tell me I have become stronger.
Don't know what 'being weak' means,
but I guess I learnt to put a lid on my heart.
I just couldn't go on, any other way.
But today, I am going to open up that lid.
Open my heart and go visit you.
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El O Vee E

Since you were born I'm a better lover
Like if you took the lid off my pipes
My breast, the belly and the hips have grown
My expanded body found its reason
You traveled over me, you made a divine road
You opened a tunnel, you took the lid of my fate
You gave me the blow of creation
You are energy, sunlight
You spelled to me the word love
El I Tee Tee El E El O Vee E
Since you were born I feel so flaming
Like if you lit me on fire
My disinhibited body free from vanity
My brave body gave birth to its parent
You traveled over me...
You gave me the blow of creation...
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Nu fi proasta

El ieri nu ti-a sunat inapoi,
Pentru ca nu a vrut, nu a vrut.
El a spus, ca a mers cu treburi.
Da, cu treburi, dar nu cu acelea, nu cu acelea.
Si tu l-ai iertat, ca de obicei, din nou -
Din bunatate, din prostie.
Dar el azi a iubit o c**** -
Si tu nu stii, ce sa faci acum.
Nu fi proasta, eu serios,
Tu in curand o sa intelegi tot.
Citeste literatura.
Asa ca el, multi o sa gasesti.
Nu fi proasta; nu fi proasta;
Nu fi proasta; nu fi proasta;
Draga mea, el te-a ales pe tine
Pentru ca esti modesta, tu nu o sa tradezi.
Poate si te-a dus de vrio doua ori la mare,
Dar experienta creste nu in favoarea ta.
Draga, fugi mai repede de la el,
Si scuipa pe a lui
Tu si singura stii, ca el nu e rau -
Pur si simplu cu el nu e nicicum.
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The Blues

This song is for all those who have had at least once in their lives... The blues
You got your audience in 40 minutes.
And you're stoned...
The blues
You ended up collecting seaweed in a...
Fixed-term contract...
The blues
At home, the books
We were tearing them apart
The blues
To celebrate your alcohol withdrawal
You're blowing up an aperitif...
The blues
You paid 140€ of Japanese food
They gave you a Tsingtao.
OOOH The blues
You're gay...
But you're the only one who doesn't know about it
The blues
You got your wife and your mistress pregnant
At the same time
The blues
Your father asked for your mother's hand...
At the OTB
The blues
And I'm moved
You beat your addiction to marijuana...
Thanks to cocaine
The blues
The blues
Under drug
You visit the Grévin Museum
Oooh the blues
Mister V
Oooh the blues
You came to New York with an empty bag
You came back with two empty bags
Oooh... Blues
What I gotta do
# To make you love me #
Your social defeat...
Reads on your clothes...
Ooohhhhh.... the blues
When they're sick
You're putting suppositories on your kids
Aaahhhh! The blues
Your virginity been take
With a virtual reality helmet
Mega blues!!!
I've come to the maturity of my... Rap.
The blues
Ooooohahaaaaaa! The blues
Hit me
The blues
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I'm burning I'm burning

My tired body
tell me how you endure
as you constantly drench
your forehead with tears
I'm burning I'm burning
who will feel me
I'm burning I'm burning
who will save me
I wonder how it holds itself
after so many storms
and finds the courage
in difficult times
I'm burning I'm burning
who will feel me
I'm burning I'm burning
and who will save me
Without love in life
and in the world's lie
my seigh has been left
as my only companion
I'm burning I'm burning
and who will feel me
I'm burning I'm burning
and who will save me