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It's hot out, I'm hot.
Oh, why isn't everyone so hot then?
Yeah, is it then a wonder?
I was at home under my cold shower
and there came Mr. Wichsmann [lit. Wankerman] under my faucet
Oh, that was great
The sweat was dripping off him
He said:
'It's hot out
I'm hot!
Oh, why isn't everyone so hot then?
Yeah, is it then a wonder?'
Then my boyfriend came under our cold shower.
'Good day, Mr. Wichsmann, as you know, it's hot.
I need w-w-water,
because I'm sweating on the crack.'
He said:
'It's hot out
I'm hot!
Oh, why isn't everyone so hot then?
Yeah, is it then a wonder?'
It's hot out!
I'm hot!
Oh, why isn't everyone so hot then?
Yeah, is it then a wonder?
Then we lay out on the veranda on top of each other
And the sun burned our hot heads to confusion
Then I hauled myself up, and ran away.
I said:
'It's hot out!
I'm hot!
Oh, why isn't everyone so hot then?
Yeah, is it then a wonder?'
It's hot out!
I'm hot!
Oh, why isn't everyone so hot then?

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Barbara's Song

It was beautiful outside when I had my virginity
You had it too, you remember?
And I knew well that the time would come
For me to choose a husband, a lover
If he had money, if he was charming
Even on weekdays, if his collar was white
And if, by chance, he offered me his heart and his last name
I would tell him no
Never look away
Indifference is better
Even though the moon shines in the sky
And the boat sleeps on the blue waves
My heart is silent
It is better, much better
Don't give your heart away
And only show calmness and coldness
Wait, this isn't good
I answer right away
A man from Kent came first
And he was a nice cavalier
The second one was as rich as a king
The third one was crazy in love with me
They had money, they were charming
Even on weekdays, their fake collars were white
Very courteously, they offered me their hearts and their last names
I told them no
So one fine day when the sky was clear
Came the one that offered me nothing
Without greeting me, he entered my room
He threw his hat on my bed
He didn't have money, he wasn't charming
Even on Sundays, his collar wasn't white
He couldn't offer me anything but himself for me to put up with
But I didn't tell him no
Before him1, I had to look away
It was him that appealed to me the most
The Moon twinkled in the skies
And the big boat sailed on the blue waves
All I had to do was give him my whole heart
For love, there is no reason
And the day happiness begins
We don't know how to say no
  • 1. Before she met/started talking to him
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A woman, a train, a man and a station

In a suburban train station
A handbag lays open
It has fallen on its side
Near a radiator
The station is now barren
Devoid of a sole soul
Further in the locomotion
A woman out of control
Where is it?
My bag must have opened
In front of everyone at the world's end
All of it: my licence, my credit
But above all, a sweet and tender love letter
A man sweeps the floor
Sees something out of order
Something near a radiator
A handbag has been found
Inside of it some money
A handwritten letter he penned
For his one and only
All is well that ends well

I define myself as single

I've had enough
and probably gone berserk
with your countless lies.
I've been fed up with your words
and your silent vows.
I stopped trusting you.
And, from now on...
...I define myself as single and stop considering you.
I'm leaving tonight and never coming back.
I erase you from my life data
with an official declaration, if you want to.
I define myself as single and break the chains.
I will learn how to love myself again.
I want to make good deeds and sins.
In other words, I want to live.
I ran out of patience
and I gave my best shot.
I made up my mind
and set for a different path.
From one of your friends, I will become
your worst enemy.
You always took me for granted,
but from now on...,
Οι μεταφράσεις μου μέχρι ένα εφικτό σημείο είναι δικές μου. Δέχομαι βελτιώσεις μόνο αν θεωρώ ότι κάποια μετάφρασή μου έχει παράδοθεί ελλιπής ή εντελώς εσφαλμένη.
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Despair comes, and sadness trembles
like the cobweb of the late September.
Cold winds are pounding, shaking us,
Brave goals have disappeared in the fog.
Despair comes, and sadness trembles.
Quick wings can not be raised. The dust
have eaten the insides, have torn the beauty.
The silence does not depart a single step from us.
Our deeds were sentenced to death.
Spears of time pierced the insides.
Our face, hardened by the years, turned black
From misty drizzle and swift winds.
I'm scared for you, dear friends,
Wicked winds are raging outside.
Stay inside with me until dawn,
Wicked winds are raging outside.
Our deeds were sentenced to death.
We are shoveled in dust of the century,
As a kerosene lamp light the life will glimpse,
Will a sobbing come from somewhere?
We will never see a disquieting dawn again,
Nor timid fires of mountain ash by the barn.
Our last sob from the numb chest
will grieve for life and perish afar.
We will never see a disquieting dawn again
(The earth will cover us, bent, lifeless).
And the oats will speak with winds without us,
And will bathe at night in a flowery dew.
Many years gone by, many thoughts are put down,
Restless take-offs are scattered in the field.
So was written, apparently, in the destiny book...
This is spring-loaded move of the tragic fate ...
Many years gone by, many thoughts are put down...
The cold grave contours draw closer.
Farewell to all who are following us,
Whose hearts burn like fanned ashes!