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I Lived

A thousand days will pass
Until the quiet of my life returns
Meanwhile, in my heart
A prayer whispers
Even if the time does not heal
What we went through, nothing will change
And inside me, I still pray
And at your place, comfort
I lived
You did not live, Emily
I lived
Every day is an eternity for me
Again the melody repeats
That reminds me of the old picture
I always stay with myself
Not afraid to fall
To move forward, you need your left foot too
That's why I always came
And with you, there is still hope

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the breeze has touched the rose

the breeze has touched the rose if sun comes up
the skin has touched the soul if fever goes up
oh, me me me the tent of blood
oh, me me me the fellow sufferer of the earth
Look at this sky, it is full of hope
The road which is covered with blood is the oppression road
oh, me me me the tent of blood
oh, me me me the fellow sufferer of the earth
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The Soul

In a cemetery, shrouded by mist, a shadowy soul wandered,
Along with a storm it howled at the moon, dragging its wings.
And for the spirit to rise above the earth there was no strength,
For a burden within was much too heavy.
It had flown away into wild joy and had failed to return,
It was about to grieve when it was buried in the snow,
Oh, the spirit went beyond limits, distending its body...
And, alas, the Russian Man had given it his complete trust.
By death crushed, by life beaten,
The herd of horses of our senselessness
Along the precipice flies,
By chance, at random.
Likewise, in all of Russia wander unrepentant spirits
The souls of those whose will failed to restrain them,
Those who cared only for themselves, in mirrors having admired their greatness.
Indeed, they tried to conquer and break the life-branch.
By death crushed, by life beaten,
The herd of horses of our senselessness
Along the precipice flies,
By chance, at random. Yes.
So many years, and nothing has changed, we fill unease with unease,
Overseas we search for the sparkle of a copper coin.
Would it not be truly profitable to raise our gaze, if only for one minute
And witness the burning inside of the soul.
By death crushed, by life beaten,
The herd of horses of our senselessness
Along the precipice flies,
By chance, at random.

Ιndifferent John

If you ever happen to pass by the place of flight
You might happen to see a lot you'd like to forget
If you meet a guy that looks different to you
Talk to him, he might give you some life for free.
He has his own car in his hands
Crazy for us, for him it's normal
He smashes batteries, show him some love
Don't feel sorry for him, 'cause he'll think you're a jerk
And if you're bowed for years and want to reach high
He's proud he has enough change
And if you talk about the steering wheel in front of him, full of effects, watch out, he easily drives and holds a coffee.
He's been to every square, all roads belong to him
And if he bothers you, he'll also apolozige
He doesn't honk, and won't lounge around in front of you
And John never lets a chick in the car.
There, he puts his heart, no room for our heart
He sees her walking and follows from behind
He doesn't pay circulation taxes
He has no idea about them, the king of indifference.
Win a good morning for him so your day goes well
And if your breath stinks and you want some air
Decide now where you'll go on Sunday
You might not come back but he'll be there
When something weird gets a hold on me
It's not coincidence that I always meet John
And he relieves me οff my life's burdens
God, give him a steering wheel he can always hold.
Because he's decent and counts on you
You're afraid of his life and look for the stolen
He asks for whatever he lacks and doesn't want pity
Posh soul and body in rags.
He doesn't have pockts, he holds in his hand all he has
You ask for what he doen't have and a strong pocket
It would be a nice topic for a reality show
The philanthropists would be in a hurry to feed him lies.
He'd find a job, money and an opportunity
If he could only gather all indifference
Το not expose people, it's Europe here now
There are now ways to wipe out what's different
But you neighbours, now that you'll be on your own
You'll lose your life's steering wheel forever
All masters and bussinessmen too
They'll lose meaning of making money
And then indifference, like rightful retribution
Will take its place in history
Along with ''Heroes'' and ''Freedom''
You'll make an ''Indifference'' square for John


If My Health Is Spared I’ll Be Long Relating
Of The Number Who Drowned From Annaghdown
And The Keening After Of Mother And Father
And Child By The Harbour The Mournful Croon!
King Of Graces Who Died To Save Us
T’were A Small Affair But For One Or Two
But A Boatload Bravely In Calm Day Sailing
Without Storm Or Rain To Be Swept To Doom