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A poem is night full of bitterness
A poem is the light that shines up there in the sky
A poem is to long for someone
That you wish for and who doesn't come
A poem is the song of a little bird
That lives by perusing, it lost its nest
It is the hope of a discovery
A poem is the loneliness of the dawn
A sad drunkard on the sidewalk,
Wanting to woo the Moon
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Goodbye (Adiós)

It was all like in Coelho's novells
Oo, oo
And Me with You are two migratory birds
High above the ground.
And it' s indifferently1 for the birds
Oo, oo
Everything that can happen down under them.
And there was sky of an indigo color,
But it was/was not.
The tequila was flowing by river,
Hey, pour amigo!
And time, like cigarette smoke,
So imperceptibly.
The summer ends with cold wind...
And now the tickets, the airport, what's next?
The topic is taboo!..
'Greetings' to your native city
And planes [are flying] into different directions.
We are dividing the sky fifty-fifty ...
Adiós! Do not be sad, amigo, do not be bored,
Do not believe, do not promise, do not say 'Farewell'.
Adiós! Let it was hot all the summer long,
But do not burn, still everything will be, so know.
Shake your body-body...-7 times
But everything, for sure, is not accidental,
Oo, oo
And the angels were whispering so quietly
Words that we were not familiar with.
Let the distance between us again,
Distances, partings, cafes, stations.
If this is fate, [then] we'll see each other again.
See you again
The mojito is so pouring in the bar,
And senoritas.
And how much is drunk, how many hearts are broken?
Yes, actually all these topics about the 'summer' are already f*cked specifically ...
Shake your body-body...-7 times
While I was drinking Viagra, she was eating a foie gras,
The ships were leaving there where the grass was already turning yellow,
The roses of the winds will scatter us around the world,
We will run our memory on the wind.
A lot has been done, but so little has been said,
But we'll see each other again, to start over.
Let the locomotives and airplanes are taking us away,
We still remember all the passwords and codes.
Like agents from a movie, we are drinking coffee on different continents,
They say time heals, but, on the go, you need to treat the liver.
Adiós, Mami2 , see you again!
Shake your body-body...-7 times
  • 1. *wordly(slang)- deeply parallel
  • 2. probably male or female name. If you know exactly comment or PM pls

I came to love you

I've had enough of missing you
I want to smell your perfume
I've got what I need in my suitcase
To smile once again
To stay together with you
True love
can't ever be forgotten
Even though the distance
should discourage me )*
I want to wake up with you
and watch the sun go down together
Your heart is smooth as silk
that makes me start falling in love
My destiny is in your arms
Your gaze is like paradise
Your smile fills me with life
It makes me free as a bird, it makes me dream
You are my faith, my other half
I came to love you
You are like the sky and the sea
I don't want to leave you
I came to love you
Our union, a constellation
A universe of passion
I came to love you
Now I know that [just] one night [with you] did all of this )**
And now I live thinking about you
I don't know what are you telling me
I don't know what's going on with me
But I swear I'm not like that
I got lost in your being free as a bird
And in the end I understood
My eyes are yours, I know that I saw you
I want more
I want the magic that is hidden in your lips
I want more
And I don't know anymore what to do if you leave
I came to love you
Our union, constellation
A universe of passion
I came to love you
You are my only addiction
A universe of passion
I came to love you
I only came to love you
(I'm going to love you, I'm going to love you, I'm going to love you)
I came to love you )***


Hello! We're here
I cried but I have not got it yet
Still I must keep going forward
Our Glider
Hallo! I want you to find us
I grabbed an unfamiliar pilot and glided through the sky
Since I will chase someone before I knew it
I can not distinguish between enemies and ally
Loneliness becoming dislike of what I liked
It is not easy to fill it up
I know
And go over the Firmament
Our fighter is still alright
I cried and laughed a lot.
I felt like I was impersonalized
Here, the glider
Hallo! That person who found us
I can not tell by all means thank you
But even becoming submissive
My eyes were dazzled by wrong greed.
It should be such a stuffy street in the street
I feel frustrated or confused
Fear dominated us
And go over the Firmament
Our fighter is still alright
Look at the back instead of before
You should notice now
Here, the glider
'You can not do it anymore'
'I can not turn back'
I took it like I knew something
Looking backwards
We are not going through with this yet
The blue that I see after I know it
It was endlessly endless enough to disgust
And go over the Firmament
Our fighter is still alright
Take a look, our bluer flight
Contrails that only us can draw
Our Glider let's do it

Don't go back

A blizzard crests the mountain tops
And the ground is snow-white
And it's disquiet around here
And I am the queen of this
The wind is howling in my heart
I didn't have enough power to stop it
Don't open your secrets, hide them
Be a decent girl to everybody
And forget all your senses
Don't go back
May what's gone go away
Don't go back
The path will show the new day
I don't fear, now I'm not afraid
My life changes
Now I choose the cold ice
I'm going forward
To snowy mountains
And the fears in my heart
Are left behind
How big is my power?
Now it's time to find out
In this place I found harmony
To my heart!
Don't go back
May what's gone go away
And I'll forget my fears
The path will show the new day
I don't fear, now I'm not afraid
My life changes
The ground is sharpening under my care
I'm building a tower to myself in the cold ice
Now I know what happens if you do nothing
I'll forget about everything, may it get lost in the sky
Let it go, and forget
Be a star and fly in the sky
Let it go, and forget
Bring happiness to your heart
Now I'm meeting my first dawn
My hapiness is here!
Now I choose the cold ice