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If You Love

Versions: #2
If you love hmmm, if you love, you are flying in the clouds
You feel like a God, hmmm, one and only
(one and only)
You are holding the world in your hands
And suddenly hmmm, with one stare, your heart begins to beat like crazy
Suddenly you spread (your) smile wherever you go, hmmm, hmmm
If you love
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Hordaland Doesdkvad Part I

Fog along the coast
Wants to end your life
Enforces Death
The spirits have begun to appear before me
Stroke the cat against the hairs
Salt in the wound
Show me just how low the bird can fly
In search for cover in a ghost city
The Devil gave me the tool
Time and her
She brought me working space
Wrath and disintegratable tissue
You know that I hurt
Wet eyes turn me on even more
Than your wet crotch as you can see
Everything that rises shall fall
Hell increases in scope
When a soul is slowly smothered
Can you image anything more titillating?
Homichlophobia and Vulvodynia
Completely shattered wing doors
Death Tool
Death Mask
Charred heart
Broken pubic bone
Bloody shine
Death you shall suffer
She crapped herself when I drove the blade
Through the tit and into the heart

My Life

Versions: #2
Life of mine,
we no longer know how to grasp, handle,
this love that vanishes and sheds away,
you became unhappy and then,
then you confused yourself,
you don't tell me anymore: what a good time you are.
In fact it rains,
you would like to get out, cool down with me.
I, dressed very lightly would die
and would abandon myself to see again
my life. A very rapid farewell.
And I look outside,
I see hearts and dream the trees that I too,
I also climbed
and nestled up there
I again see you that you are, who you are, my life.
This life, in the arms, in the hands,
has a beautiful face, your face, a very beautiful face,
It has the emptiness that you give, even your smile I have lived it
and confused it over mine.
If this is life, I have touched it,
I felt it on me, I embraced it in you,
I take a better look and there is no
more doubt that you are, you are, my life.
What beautiful eyes would I see with my eyes.
How much love captured with the hands,
that has wings and with wings it will vanish
and I fell in love,
I came to tell you, I confided to you
that it was you, by now.
There is a storm,
we can go outside and cool ourselves together now, to tremble,
because it makes tremble
the life that goes away, with you that you take away, with you,
my life.
Because it makes tremble
the life that goes away, with you that you take away with you,
my life.
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Naked visage
In the direct light.
Suspended visage,
bare and permeable,
Slow osmosis.
Mouth agape as if it drank,
Attentive head.
Undone visage,
Visage without refusal where nothing is defended,
Visage that arises in the doubt of the demand,
Visage that the voices traverse.
Visage deriving
Sensing what the oranges secret,
Abandoned and transparent visage
That the black nights of love in it are received
rays of coldness run upon the sea
In silence the landscapes prop themselves up
And I touch the solitude as if it was a stone.
Lost visage
That bitter winds of drought bury themselves in it
And that the purest waves of the sea lament.

Imnul Barça

Întreg stadionul
Cântă tare
Suntem poporul blaugrana
Nu contează de unde suntem
Fie că este la sud sau la nord
Acum toți suntem de acord, cu toții suntem de acord,
Un steag ne unește în fraternitate.
Albastru și bordo suflând în vânt
Un strigăt curajos
Avem un nume pe care toți îl cunosc:
Barça, Barça, Baaarça!
Jucători, Suporteri
Uniţi suntem puternici.
Am realizat multe de-a lungul anilor,
Am strigat multe goluri
Și am arătat, am arătat,
Că nimeni nu ne poate rupe vreodată.
Albastru și bordo suflând în vânt
Un strigăt curajos,
Avem un nume pe care toți îl cunosc:
Barça, Barça, Baaarça!