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I saw a dream with you
Hot ashes remained in my hand
Is it possible a life with out you?
I gave my life to you
I think there is no
I leaved aside when i said for life
I had high faith while imagining us
Do you have no fear losing me
Do not say stay to me I cannot but
You broke me a lot I could not stand by myself
I am devastated I could not leave your hands, madly in love
Do not break me that much Am i stranger

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Another Brick In The Wall

Kids, has anyone ever told you you're numbers?
I can only see you as small worms useless and helpless
locked in cold tunnels there where the sun don't shine
teeming with cockroaches and snakes
the world's a maze and there's dark fog
and trust me it's scary
and without us you're lost among packs of wolves
it's better if you stay here sitting on the desks
I want you to be silent, afflicted
straighten up your back you'll answer 'Yes sir.' as soon as I talk
the sheperds reward every sheep that bleats
and you don't know about the pity for who couldn't do it
we'll build a wall to keep you safe
nobody speaks if you want to stay afloat
who dares to contradict will pay with fasting
and will have to carry that wall's brick by back
All in all is just another brick in the wall
all in all is just another brick in the wall
We no need to education
Teacher, us kids are sick of this, we're sick of these chalk faces
we're sick of the imag of a depressed world
we'll spit on the textbooks' pages
not now
you don't want to challenge us
because we'll kick and we'll break the chains
we'll come from everywhere, be sure that
the walls are gonna fall like houses of cards
like houses of cards
because over here war is fought with pastels
we'll sharpen our pencils like knives
Hey teacher leave those kids alone
All in all is just another brick in the wall
all in all is just another brick in the wall
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In the Sea

Very far away, out there at sea,
Someone is rowing with his arms
It looks like he's drowning now,
what can we do from here?
How did he even get there?
It's ice cold in there
And why did he just have to
Go into the deep water?
It was a stupid escape attempt,
Just to come from his island
As if he didn't know
That he has to stay there for ever
Because every person remains
Alone on their own island,
In the prison that gets called an apartment
And every evening we lock ourselves in
Before we go to sleep
We all believe it has to be this way
Because we're guilty
We have accused ourselves,
We are our own criminal court
Lifelong solitary confinement
For her and him and you and me
No defence lawyer,
No on-camera trial,
No chance to proceed on probation
Every evening we lock ourselves in
Before we go to sleep
On our sofa we're in safety
From the world and from ourselves
And at some point
The light will be turned off for us
Then we'll be placed in a hole
And earth will be piled on top of us
We only leave formalities behind
And mountains of paper
That are kept and archived
And then thrown in the bin
Then we don't need to lock ourselves in anymore
Before we go to sleep
In our coffins we're in safety
From the world and from ourselves
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My soul, we're together

If we're together, we won't get lost,
Trust my words.
When you go through difficult times,
Look into my eyes.
If we're together, we won't break,
I trust your words.
My soul, every trouble passes away
When I look into your eyes.
Sad, happy, or even in love,
Anyway, we're together, my soul.
May it be destined for us to live
Looking into each other's eyes.
Sad or happy, we won't get lost,
My soul, we're together.
When you go through difficult times,
Look into my eyes.
© Vladímir Sosnín
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Black pea-coats

Versions: #3
We left behind us all falls and sundowns,
Just hope for the minuscule, almost invisible rise!
I want to believe that our black pea-coats
Will give opportunity to see this sunrise.
Today we got orders: Die like true heroes!
We'll try! - but we could not guarantee.
I only thought, smoking borrowed cigarettes:
Each man on his own, - sunrise what matters to me.
Special company - sapper's special esteem.
Don't slash with a knife from the ambush unseen,
Don't trouble yourself - even with a throat cut
I will see sunrise as my final result.
We strolled through their rear, avoiding to cut them in slumber,
And cleared the passage, when I noted in surprise,
How immature, green, but wakeful sunflower
Already had turned its head to sunrise.
Behind at six thirty were left - I know,-
Not only falls and declines, but also reached height.
Teeth grinding, two bare wires are cleaned to go, -
Have not seen the sunrise, but knew: it is close to daylight.
... Depleted company returning severed.
What happened - doesn't matter, matters blown up fort.
I want to believe that our rough endeavor
Grants you opportunity to see sunrise with no effort.