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The Feast

The dreams of lovers are like good wine
They bring joy or also sorrow
Weakened by hunger I am unhappy
Flying on the street all that I can
Because nothing is for free in life
Hope is a plate far too quickly consumed
I am used to skipping the meal
A solitary thief is sad to eat
In a game so bitter I can't succeed
Because nothing is for free in...
Life... Never will they tell me
That the course of the stars: it's not for me
Let me amaze you and and take my flight
We can finally be happy
The celebration will finally begin
Get out the bottles; end the strife
I lay the table of my new life
I am glad about the idea of this new fate
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way

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I'm in love

I'm in love
And I feel exhilaration in my blood
With the road.. I roam the world of my dreams
Taking me far & taking me near
And I'm in love.. I'm in love
My love, when your time allows.. I race my anguish & come to you
Replying with all my feelings.. Wishing that your nearness would delight me
They say happiness is a chance.. & my fear is that my chance might miss you,
And pity cracks my heart.. & never find someone to comfort me
And I'm in love.. I'm in love
At a night I intended to forget.. the years I lived wishing for you
Your overwhelming beauty showed up to me.. & renewed all what's inside me
Renewing the longings in me, the desire of my own self to please you,
The joy of my heart when I see you.. & a dream that got lost in my eyes
And I'm in love.. I'm in love
My dreams yearn to seeing you.. while sleeping, thinking of you
And the night your guise visits me.. Your abandoning me comes to awaken me
I want to see you, to be close to you.. & from the spring of passion to water you
And I want in the sea of your tenderness .. to be drenched & watered
And I'm in love.. I'm in love
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The scar

In general, we had a good time
like nobody
your heart keeps you close
like icons
With teeth and nails
and wet eyes
with everything I have
I fight for you
And I, I wear you like the scar
like the stone, the brand and the sign
but the human is never strong
And I, if I´m the man I would be crazy
if I were a hero I would fall
but I always survive you madly
In general, nobody of us
is a winner
two sides, and me and you
the same victim
My life is a room
with the view on your character
only love is worthy
to build her a monument
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I will call upon the Lord

I will call upon the Lord.
He is worthy to be praised.
So shalt I be safe from my enemies.
The Lord liveth! Blessed be the Rock
And may the God of my salvation be exalted.
The Lord liveth! Blessed be the Rock
And may the God of my salvation be exalted.
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A Storm

Mass disillusionment
spread without its progression
uses its minks
And saved from the Gods
full of strength and
I'm losing my mind
Now understanding the only solution:
Carrying dragons.
I'm not afraid to run into a storm.
A storm-torm.