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Anxiety about the future!

(Ey.. what's going on here?!)
I landed in the
future damn
shit again... [ahh
shit.. ahh shit..])
Oh shit Bros 'n
Sis where am i stranded
Just a car landed infront of me from the
And the people are looking
what do the want to do to me
Why do they have such
electronic Wheels
under their Shoes
Man they're looking at me in wonderment
They mean the clothes I'm wearing were worn one hundred years
(One Hundred Years?)
I look at the big clock on the skyscraper
(aaaahh !!)
It may be that I
shit my pants (why?)
I made such a big time leap
(Shit man!)
I landed in the year
2108 and I feel so watched here
everywhere are lurking cameras. Apparently we are supervised here by the father state
And then they come rolled up, 2 Robocops from the future
Babbling something from
I think the situation here is quite concrete
I'm leaving here, I think right there in the library
I have Anxiety about the future 100 years have passed, people still consider themselves the greatest
I have Anxiety about the future And yes, they are still patronized and find the way to the
I have Anxiety about the future Because so many powers pull the strings, driven by their greed
I have Anxiety about the future And it also brings nothing to wait, we have to change us here and now!
Man I just
read some
history books
And what is staying there Man that is really scary
That it will come so I would not
have thought so
But Germany
of the future is a
high security wing
In the country fighting terrorism, because it would only be well meant
Then they just gave every citizen a number
And they are all overheard every day
People were completely deprived of privacy
Because the government put them in fear and terror
Promise to do everything possible to save the country
And you don't believe it, if you don't see it with your own eyes
Robot soldiers, they move into the religious war
They fly off in cross-shaped jet planes
What awakens bad memories and awful feelings It is nothing changed, both camps fight each other
Technology has evolved, but people don't!
Everything is about science
Science, everything else is secondary
Even the pope will rely on genetic engineering in the future
Previously, they split the opinions of everyone
And today the clone humans are kept as slaves
And now the Nazis have even cloned Hilter
But because of some law, the wanker is spared (hahahaha!)
And it gets worse, he was elected and sits in the party congress
Carries his laptop in a suitcase and represent our home (aaahh!)
And one more thing I have to tell you (watch out!)
Man in 100 years, there will be no hip-hop anymore (no, man!)
Politicians said rap would abuse the children
Then even Max Herre landed on this image
And later, they simply arrested every rapper
Now only bad songs are playing on the radio of the future (Lalalala-Raaaadio ..)
And my grandchildren fight for a bit of freedom
But the government, it is too strong a unit
For the people, they have watched too long
Bit by bit deprived of freedom, they seemed to be doing so well (*sigh*)
And suddenly they realize, nobody makes it more undone
But I have to go back now and leave my lucky penny
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Whoever Settles for Music

Whoever settles for music
Has gained a heavenly creation
For its primal origin
Was was in heaven itself
Because all the dear little angels
Are musicians themselves
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Daughter of the Sea

'Don't trust the Daughter of the Sea'
'Beware of her', in the wind his voice echoed
But then, the wave gripped him.
The sailors who died in Kalimdor, nobody buried them.
And the Admiral died in Theramore because she betrayed him
Why?, why?, oh you Daughter of the Sea?
'Why did you do that?', I'd like to ask you
You were the pride of your people
And what are you now?
When she crossed the wide ocean
Her father followed her
With the only hope in his heart, to see her again one day
But in those far away beaches he found people to fight against
And when he fought against those savages
She stood there, watching
Betrayed by the filial love
Left to drown
With his last breath he shouted:
'Beware of the Daughter of the Sea!'
Now I listen to you... Father.
In the moonlight it keeps echo the voice who is still there
'Don't trust the Daughter of the Sea'
'Don't... Trust... Me.'

Spune-mi numele

Ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali,
Ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali,
Spune-mi numele,
Când nu o să fie nimeni în jur,
când nu o să fie nimeni în jur,
când nu o să fie nimeni în jur,
Că lucrurile,
Că lucrurile pe care mi le spui,
Că lucrurile pe care mi le spui,
Nu o să iasă din ușa aceea,
Legați-mă cu parul tău,
La colțul patului tău,
Și chiar dacă se rupe parul,
Voi arăta că sunt legată,
Ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali,
Ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali,
Spune-mi numele,
pune corpul tău pe al meu,
Fă răul să fie bun,
Și impur, ceea ce este binecuvântat,
Tu deja mă îmbrățișezi pe corpul tău,
La colțul patului tău,
Și-n ultimul moment,
Spune-mi numele pe față
Și-n ultimul moment,
Spune-mi numele pe față.
Ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali,
Ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali, ali,
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There are days

This love is illness, but not so rare
this relationship, it's weird from the start
maybe this is the end
but just in case don't ask...
You gave me an engagement ring, and then you left
I need an advice, is this vow still on?
but our bridge, unfortunatelly
crashed , 'cause it was joining together very different people
And it was irresistible , but it was right
There are days
when I wonder what's up with us
when I wake up alone
alone and sleepy
There are nights
when my heart leaps
when it feels like
you're somewhere close
but I know, but I know
little ring, real diamond
stays with me to relieve my pain