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Today as well, done with the day’s work
I return home right away
When I go in my room
It’s time to fully face me
The room full of silence
After I’m done showering
I detoxify with a drink
Maybe a drink’s the way to end a day that I can’t quite remember
An exhausting day, I somehow pushed through
A head-splitting schedule, hmm this is the third or fourth in a week, uh
Let’s drink just enough then go to bed, well it’s not like I can sleep anyway
I’ll just worry about tomorrow’s stuff when tomorrow comes, fuck I don’t care
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
I end up not having any snacks, since I feel like I’ll throw up if I put something inside me
Since the alcohol’s kicking in, let’s get honest about my life
Oh yeah money, reputation, wealth
Trophies and stadiums too It’s scary sometimes
And it makes me want to run away from it all, hm
Thought that I’d live life partying everyday if I became a superstar
Expectations freely hitting reality on the back of the head It doesn’t matter, anyway, well
Tomorrow comes again, it gets dark
Whether it’s this kind of me or that kind of me
I’ll hang in there another day
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin'

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O master, good guests have arrived

O master, good guests have arrived,
Hey, they brought you good news.
Your flock has lambed, o master,
Hey, half of it got twins.
Your wife has given birth, o master,
Hey, she gave birth to a boy.
O master, today we will eat and drink,
Hey, today we are making a wedding.
If you are sleeping, o master, wake up,
If you are drinking, o master, cheer up.

Black turning into blue

Versions: #6
Coming out of the club, has been a good time
Stinking of booze, I'm wrecked, it's a nice life,
Stepping over Schnapps-corpses (Schnapps= strong German liquor) that are decomposing in my way,
I see the rats stuffing themselves in the shadows of the Kebab shops,
Wading through the vomit at the Kotti (Cotbusser Tor, 'Kotti'= place in Berlin known for drug selling), junkies are dazed, behave badly, posh guy of the scene in desperate search of that scene,
Pierced Girls that want me to read Straßenfeger (Straßenfeger lit. Street cleaner, a newspaper sold by the homeless in Berlin)
Half past five, my eyes are burning,
I step on a guy sleeping between dead pigeons,
Hysterical chicks screaming and are panicking cause at the corner there's stress between Tarek and Sam,
Tarek says: shut the fuck up or I'll beat your face up,
Sam is shitting his pants but has to respond sth-
The red soup drips on the asphalt,
I'm getting nauseous, I close my jacket cause it's cold.
Good Morning Berlin!
You can be so ugly, so dirty, so grey,
You can be so beautifully horrible,
Your nights eat me up,
It'll probably be the best for me to go home and get some sleep,
And while I'm walking through the streets, slowly,
Black turns into Blue
Tired phantoms in the neon lights,
With deep wrinkles on their faces,
The morning shift is silent, everybody to himself,
Anger comes up cause the bus doesn't come...
And everywhere there's shit, you'd actually have to float!
Everybody has a dog but nobody to talk to,
I always breath through my mouth, that's part of my life,
I feel sickly, need sth pure against it
I have a heavy head, I need some juice,
I have an urgent desire for 'Bagdad's Baking goods'
It's warm in there, that's where I let go and dream,
With Fatima, the cute bakery girl,
RnB ballads are blasting from parked Mercedes,
End of shift for the street gangs,
A hooligan lies in a woman's arms and cries,
Well this city isn't as tough as you think
Good Morning Berlin,
I'm broken and I wipe your dust out of my eyes,
You're not beautiful and you know it,
Your panorama perverted,
You're not even pretty from afar,
But the sun is slowly rising,
And I know that if I want to or not,
I need you to breath
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A Good Evening Onto You , ( II)

A good evening onto you,
To you Lord, your Lordship! (o landlord)
Now rejoice! Oh rejoice you earth,
The Son of God has now been born!
Oh, now in Bethlehem
There is wondros news, Oh rejoice!
Now rejoice! Oh rejoice you earth,
The Son of God has now been born!
Spoken by the prophets
Through out the ages, Oh rejoice!
Now rejoice! Oh rejoice you earth,
The Son of God has now been born!
He brings salvation to those
Believing hearts, Oh rejoice!
Now rejoice! Oh rejoice you earth,
The Son of God has now been born!

In Venezuela

Versions: #2
I carry your light and your scent on my skin
And the cuatro* in my heart
I carry in my blood the sea foam
And your horizon in my eyes
I don't envy the flight nor the nest to the troupial
I'm like the wind in the harvest
I feel the Caribbean Sea like a woman
I'm like this.. What can I do?
I am desert, jungle, snow, and volcano
And when I walk, I leave a trail
And the rumor of the plains in a song
That makes me lose sleep
The woman I love has to be
Heart, fire and spur
With tanned skin like a flower
Of Venezuela
With your landscapes in my dreams I'll go
Through those worlds of God
And your memories at sunset
Will shorten the path
Between your beaches my childhood was left
Lying in the wind and the sun
And that nostalgia that climbs to my voice
Unintentionally, became a song
From the mountains I want the immensity
And from river -- the watercolor
And of you, the children
That will plant new stars
And if one day I have to shipwreck
And the typhoon breaks my sails
Bury my body close to the sea
In Venezuela