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The Lord is Good

You poured Your love on me
You lifted me from the mud
While I was walking in darkness you illuminated
My life, my everything
The infinite riches of your grace
You displayed to me
Without holding anything back from me you gave
Your life, Your everything
The Lord is good, worthy of all praise
I cannot forget the good things He has done
My whole life long I will declare that
The Lord is good!
Your thoughts about me, Lord
How precious, how many
What shall I give in return for this love
My life, my everything!
The Lord is compassionate and gracious
He does not get angry quickly, His love is vast
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Nopțile mele

Părul ei e din focul soarelui
Când strălucește de dincolo de munte,
Umbrele sunt împrăștiate în fața ei
Și mi-e teamă de noaptea următoare.
Toate grijile mă așteaptă pe marginea patului meu
Și toate dorințele mele sunt prizoniere între mâinile destinului meu.
Inima nu mi-e consolată
Nici de stele, nici de lună în noaptea asta
Aștept melancolic pe floarea mea
Și implor cerul în fiecare noapte...
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Your brain is a strange device
when it needs to think then it sleeps
when it needs to be quiet then it yells
that is all about
And I want just one thing
to love sincerely and faithfully
and you´re worst than before
you´ll be spoiled
You want to be dominant
you´re a man and I know that
but only love
has the right to it
You´re dominant to me
and to them fine and charming
how long do you think just
causing me pain
Dominant, dominant
Your tongue is sharp as knife
it rings secrets like postman
it burns in the moment, it melt
what it´s doing to me
Nothing nice, nothing sweet
all with you lasts for a while
you throw on everything the veil of doubt
what do you want
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When we are together

You gave me such a world that my heart is full of hope now.
The stories have fled (as in wasted time) and the black nights have become light.
This is the same feeling that you gave to my heart.
When we are together, the world is in our hands.
When we are together, I found our love everywhere.
Everyday life is like a new year for me.
When we are together, you are my best friend.
We are so good for each other, you are the sky and I am the stars.
You are the reason for my living, you are also my excuse.
When we are together, the world is in our hands.
When we are together, I found our love everywhere.
You are the hope of my heart, you are my love.
When we are together, our house is everywhere (meaning you are my home)
When we are together, sadness and happiness is one (as in, there is no meaning to sadness anymore, every emotion is a marked happiness).
When we are together, our nights are full of light.
When we are together, sadness and anger are gone.
When we are together
It is the best time of the year.
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No Fear

No fear
You'll see me again
If you'll ever need me
I'll be flying over
You're sorry to break my heart like that
She never wanted to do this
You're really sorry, but she can't keep talking now
Her husband needs his rest
I had never deserved you
But now I've fallen in love with you
I hate myself, not you for it
Now I'm left with just the smell of your perfume as a reminder of our first touch
I'll stand with you as your man
No more dead ends, let's start from the beginning
Open your eyes, listen closely
No fear, I will take heart in you