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It’s our long awaited day, it’s date time
I’m going to wear my favorite dress!
I’m going to the place where you’re waiting for me
I’m sorry. I’m a little late
Holding hands with you
Anyone, stop my beating heart
I’m taking many deep breaths
Staring at your profile
Walking with you
The familiar landscape
is glowing
Right here, it’s a parade of just us
Did you notice? For you, today
I unusually put on mascara and lip gloss
The time I spend with you passes by too fast
I wonder if I could turn back the clock needles and stop time
Holding hands with you
Anyone, turn back time
I want to stay with you
Tightly holding your hand
Walking with you
The way back at sunset
is sparkling
The secret parade just for us
After holding your hand
My hand still feels warm
I love you more than anyone
I’m still thinking about you
He said at the beginning
It’s a parade just for us
Our future
is a sparkling parade just for us

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Retiradas medley

Asaltantes con Patente (1932)
Like the most glorious day
today we want to celebrate
the bustling joy
that carnival brings us.
Among applauses and streamers
with pain bids farewell
the murga that always gave
a good color to the party
Warm greetings
give the Asaltantes
on its triumphal march
of walking knight.
And in the saddest times
that remember the orgy
they will think of the days
when they laughed joyful
and it was all joy. (Y ole!)
Los Patos Cabreros (1953)
Good night audience
with achieved satisfaction
the Patos are leaving
to make another neighbourhood merry.
The commision said
that it's very upset
because many neighbours
don't collaborate with the tablado.
When they whiped-around
and came to knock
they said 'excuse us,
we never go',
and they're all here.
They must cooperate
because the duty is bid
and this way the neigbourhood can have
a pretty carnival.
And if you don't want
to spare a dime
may the commision
don't beg either.
With the bustling Momo
we toast like an offering
our very funny verses
in these days of Carnival.
Many of the couples
who are in the tablado
are becoming old
and they haven't married,
only drinking mate
they program their illusion
and its mother yell
because they warm the benches
and she's standing.
May you have a nice wedding
that's our wish,
and soon the stork
come to visit you
and the next carnival
from that love cradle,
the Patos can have
a new spectator.
Linea Maginot (1940)
Los Patos are leaving
Los Asaltantes are leaving.
La Gran Muñeca is leaving
La Milonga Nacional,
Los Hongos are leaving
Araca la cana is leaving
With Bochinche and company
Linea Maginot is leaving
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I woke up in the morning and stood at my mother‘s door
I said I will take her, I said I will take this girl, mum, no matter what
I burned down to ashes,
I did not know what love is
But if I don‘t take her I will die, I swear, I will die badly, I will be gone (dead)
Ah you little spoiled girl, your wind has blown everywhere
Everybody says that trouble-maker won’t marry you
Look, just look, listen from now on
Don’t you see or don’t you love?
Maybe knowing her love is a good thing,
I don‘t think so
My heart that went blind, how is it supposed to know?
Ah I did not know
I‘ve put on a bed of nails
Maybe it suits me
Ah I didn‘t know, mum forgive me

Plec să-mi caut propriul noroc

Fiecare cuvânt e o minciună,
Fiecare inimă e infidelă,
Sufletul e trist, nenorocit,
Sufletul e tăcut, ezitant.
”Ieși, du-te!”, spune diavolul,
”Pleacă tăcut fără un sunet”
Și...când pleci,
Să nu crezi că vor plânge și vor tânji după tine.
Din lumea asta,
De la prieten și de la dușman,
Mi-e de-ajuns,
Cu păcatele mele,
Cu faptele mele bune,
Să caut norocul meu,
Chiar dacă în timp
O durere subtilă îmi pătrunde în inimă
Și un foc misterios apare
Să mă ardă, tot plec!
De la viața asta,
De la iubire și de la pasiune,
Mi-e de ajuns,
Cu păcatele mele,
Cu faptele mele bune,
Să caut norocul meu,
Fiecare sentiment e uzat,
Fiecare privire e fără sens,
Sufletului îi ajunge, s-a săturat.
Sufletul s-a prăbușit înainte de vreme.
”Ieși, du-te!”, spune diavolul,
”Pleacă tăcut fără un sunet”
Și...când pleci,
Să nu crezi că va țipa cineva după tine ”stai”.
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Oh Serbia, dear mother

Oh Serbia, dear mother,
I will always call you that
Sweet country, dear home
Your heart is filled with joy
To live happily like in heaven,
Where pleasantness lasts forever
With you I'll happily yet
live my life's century
Rise up, dear mother,
take your righteous place
You've been slaved for too long
For long time tears you shed.
Sun has risen for you,
your sun that has downed.
In shelter of your lap
There is comfort for my heart.