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Giovanni Vs. Morsay - Epic Pokemon Battle #4

Seriously truand2laGalère raps better!
Epic Pokemon Battle!
Morsay! Truand 2 La Galère!
Send me your henchmen, share to your little brothers
By the tens, by the hundreds, they won't be able to do anything.
I'm not afraid of anything... I'm a real gangster!
So you steal the kids' pokemons?
ZUBAT, RATTATA, what interesting pokemons...
While you're at it, steal some great candy from them.
And just to prevent... also some potions!
Because I'm going to murder you, verbally, morally,
Mentally, violently, even literally!
I have no mercy, I take your henchmen one by one.
I'm going to stab them so much... they'll call me godfather!
I'll bleed you to death. It'll make tomato sauce.
And since you're Italian, I'm going to cut off all your legs.
You're making a mistake by confronting a guy this big...
But at least you have enough to make spaghetti bologna!
All right, are you done? Can I go back to my business?
Taking care of a kiddo... I don't have all day!
Go back to school! Go learn respect!
Or I'll call your parents..........well, I won't need it.
I have Italian roots and I am proud of it!
I know where I come from, I knew my mother, I knew my father.
And today... I respect my brothers.
My henchmen are my family and we're going to blow you to dust!
Your shitty humor won't hurt me
I'm stirring billions! What do you say, kid?
You think you're tough, but you're going straight into the wall.
You're not a little gangster... just a scumbag!
Stop it! I'm going to cry! I never knew my father...
On the other hand, the whole world knows my grandfather!
And how are you talking about family? You don't have any friends!
Your henchmen are here for your money. Not for your Panzannis!
I have a rare and class pokemon and, look my Charizard!
Let me see yours? Oh my God, my eyes hurt!!
Only dinosaurs? You have a prehistoric style.
I understand why you lose so often against Lunatic.
Why so arrogant? You have a lack of confidence?
Look how you're dressed, it looks like you just graduated from first grade.
You want to be a champion? Here, here are some TCs!
Because you lack technique, so go back to training!
If you want a duel, come on, my victory is certain!
I'll tell you a secret I'm the last arena champion!
And frankly... you're talking about my Pokemons
But Lunatic beat me twice, you, the triple minimum!
Who deserves to win?
Who will be next?
You have the power!
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Song For My Death

There was a time that was beautiful
And I was really free,
I kept all my dreams
In glass castles.
Little by little I was growing
And my love fables
They were fading,
Like soap foam
I'll find you one morning
Inside my room
And you will prepare the bed
For two...
The road is long
When one looks back.
You are crossing the borders
Maybe without noticing...
Take the railings,
Because before arriving,
A thousand of old people clung there
But they went away the same way...
I'll find you one morning
Inside my room
And you will prepare the bed
For two...
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Evidently, Not...

The whole night awake, you weren't by my side.
The echo from that street returns, clamouring
That your words didn't sleep with me
And, until dawn, I watched how you gave yourself to him.
Not suspicious at all as far as everyone is concerned;
That naive attitude makes you perfect.
But, to deceive me, you lack the common sense
That you didn't show yesterday: your shrewdness failed...
Speak! Speak!
You're really good at it...
Speak... Talk to me!
Nothing! Nothing!
Not even your rehearsed way of looking at people
Nothing! Nothing!
Nor even that nonsense you call an alibi
Nothing! Nothing
Of what you make up, will work on me!
Did you think about your love?
Evidently, not...
My enemy was right at home and I didn't know it.
An angel's face that now, only memory preserves.
Your blood boils, in case the cold awaits you...
The house is all yours: I'd rather be in a hotel!
Greedy, all wrapped up in false modesty;
Let your arrogance comfort you now.
You kissed me and thought that I was asleep,
But I woke up... I saw you embracing him.
Speak! Speak!
Keep listening to yourself...
Speak... Talk to me!
Nothing! Nothing!
Not even your rehearsed way of looking at people
Nothing! Nothing!
Nor even that nonsense you call an alibi
Nothing! Nothing
Of what you make up, will work on me!
Did you think about your love?
Evidently, not...
I had already warned you
That there would only be one chance
Between you and I,
And now everything is imperfect.
Nothing! Nothing!
You don't deserve anything anymore!
Do you care whether it was painful?
Evidently, not...
And the worst of it all is that I believe you
When you tell me, my love
That I'm the best thing that ever happened to you...
Only me!
Speak! Speak!
I'm still listening to you...
Speak... Talk to me!
Nothing! Nothing!
Not even your rehearsed way of looking at people
Nothing! Nothing!
Nor even that nonsense you call an alibi
Nothing! Nothing
Of what you make up, will work on me!
Did you think about your love?
Evidently, not...
I had already warned you
That there would only be one chance
Between you and I,
And now everything is imperfect.
Nothing! Nothing!
You don't deserve anything anymore!
Do you care whether it was painful?
Evidently, not...
Did you think about your love?
Evidently, not...
Nothing! Nothing...!
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This Is My Singing

Sleep, sweet Kovu
Dream and tell me that
When you grow up, my lion
You will be the king
I have always been persecuted
I'm exiled and alone
If I think in that brute
I know I'm a beast
But a dream lets me
Cheer up and not cry
And it makes me be a kitten
And it helps me rest
It's about seeing Simba agonize
To capture his princess
And hear his lionesses scream
This is my singing
I've already tried to forget
And we must turn to forgiveness
But there's a little problem
I don't want to see them live
Do you count with any friend
To defeat Simba?
I prepare my own battles
For the great happy ending
It's music to hear howling
It's a relief to break, to fight
It's magical, and I'll love it
I shall not be tamed
Scar is gone, but Zira is still here
Raising this kid
Until his soul carries
The instinct for evil
Sleep, termite
I mean, my precious dainty gift
When you grow up, little rascal
You will be the king
The earth already pounds the drum
It already roars with its rancor
The great revenge
Will triumph
Listen to the clamor
Kovu is going win
Stop, oppressors
It's time to fight
The sky is going to cry
This is my singing
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And Now She's There

I am a nobody, no one sees me
They tell me that I gave the best of my love
And when I see her, I thank the God
And pray that her life will be beautiful and shadeless
And Juliette had grown
And now she's there, she's in love with him
The childhood is gone, she's leaving me
And it is I who is captive in the cradle of her babyhood
It is not I whom she wants
And only I have never given up on her
And now she's there, she loves him
And her heart is full
And she who was once mine, now belongs to another
When her mother said 'My daughter', I felt how my heart was flaming
Why, for their husbands' sake, do so many women forget
That the birthing and the contractions, will bring them to their twenties
And Juliette had grown
And now she's there, she's in love with him
She's a woman now, and she's leaving me
And I who sees, who watches without a word
Shall give her my entire life
To my child who grew
And now she's there, in love with him
And her heart is full
And now she's there, and now I know
That love is the devil
Give me courage and strength
To get used to this groom
And now she's there, she loves him
And her heart is full
And now she's there

Wonderful, Wonderful Heart

Wonderful, wonderful heart,
my partner on the roads of life
always by my side in those hours of sadness
always with me in moments of joy.
Wonderful, wonderful heart
I thank you for your friendship, for your company
for being my friend in pain,
my confidant in love,
I want to tell you that I don't know what would I do without you.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
how many follies and adventures we shared,
how many unforgettable memories we got
from the loves and passions that we lived.
Wonderful, wonderful heart
I'm so happy when I feel your beating
because you are who gives me life
and when I ask for much more
you are with me because I'm your spoiled.
Wonderful, wonderful heart
I beg you to never stop dreaming
never stop feeling the emotions
a thousand emotions that we both have felt
Wonderful, wonderful heart
you are the flame that nests here in my chest
so that there's always love,
to take it where I'm going
I thank you for how well you have done.
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O Sleep My Little Kozak

Anatoliy Sukhogo's lyrics and music
Sleep, my little Kozak son,
Go turn upon your side,
Sleep, my dear son, your mother is now lulling you,│
Sleep, O Kozak, your horse will calmly wait for you. │2
Luli, luli, bye and bye,
Come will Nicholas, tomorrow,
Bringing you as a gift, │
There a packet of Golden songs. │2
And in the quiet winter night, │
We will venture out to the Sich, │
There they will give to us │
A lovely sliced carrot│2
Sleep, O Kozak, it's early yet for battle,
Your Hetmans there are all still young,
And when you go to your first battle- │
There are few of us now, and even less of you. │2
Sleep my dear son, you must sleep now ,
The bunny sleeps as does brother wolf,
The blue waterfall does play, so │
A fairy tale drifts over the land, │
Luli-luli, bye and bye. │2

Magnificat [fn] As a part of the phrase "Magnificat anima mea Dominum" - My soul praises the Lord. [/fn] : Quia Respexit

Because He has looked upon the lowliness
The lowliness of His servant. 1
Because He has looked upon the lowliness
The lowliness of His servant.
Behold, behold
Behold, behold
Behold, for from now on [they'll deem me] blessed
Behold, for from now on [they'll deem me] blessed
They'll deem me blessed
Blessed, blessed
They'll deem me
  • 1. ancilla - female form of the Latin word for servant, slave; alternative translation: The lowliness of His slavegirl
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Bohemian Ražnjići

1'Hu-uh? Hu-uh? Well, so, then… these, these, these, these exams, this school report… how is it going? … is it going?'
[he cries]
My mother yells, my school report here
looks like a football pool sheet: I got only 1s, 2s, and Xs!2
With bloodshot eyes, she slaps me while yelling:
'You halfwit dumbass! Shut up and be ashamed of yourself!'
No more parties, and I’m going to stay
holed up, I’m going to expiate…
'Uninstall Windows; I’m deleting your Facebook account!'
My account…
Mum… 'speak…', I might be a moron, 'you’re right…!'
I might study little, alright, but the teacher has it in for me!
Mum, she made it up, she says I didn’t go to school…
Mum, oooh… 'Whose signature is this?!?
You forged it! I’m going to kick your ass through all of Gretta!'3
What a neighborhood, what a neighborhood… 'I feel like vomiting!'
Now, come on… you’re exaggerating!
'I’m going to hit you on the head with your Crocs!' Please don’t take away my Xbox!4
Mum, you know that Einstein - it’s written here -
'…don’t speak bullshit!'
flunked his Math exam! 'You dimwit!'5
Mum, oooh… (he swears like Gildo)6
I’m like Stan Lee: hey, look at the 'Fantastic Four' I got…!7
[janitor-Renato Zero]8
So many times you deserved zero,
zero-crazyheads, zero-madmen,
the worst student in your life!
Hold me tight, ’cause it’ll be over in two minutes!
Together, let’s put the icing on cake of this year of 'I don’t feel like it…',
full of 'I have no time…', full of 'let me sleep!'
with a wonderfully shitty exam!
'Come on, let’s talk about Boccaccio and Zibaldone!9
Study, you jackass! Study, you jackass! He hasn’t studied a f***ing thing!
Subject of your choice: now you talk to me about
Galileo, about Romeo, Zebedee, are you Perseus? Thirty-seus!'10
I’m going to excuse myself!11
If I don’t answer, it’s going to get rough
'You’re smart, but you don’t apply yourself,
playing truant results in this!'12
I rummage and rummage, and in the mean time I burble…
'I’m flunking you!' No! This coming year I’ll study!
'Fat chance! I’m flunking you!' No!
'Let’s talk about Miró…' Lignano!13
'Back to your desk, this time you’re going to get a 3!' Please!
'Shut up and get your 3!' Please!
'Shut up and get your 3!' I got 3…
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Oh goodness me, goodness me! Goodness me, what a lousy mark!
Will I pass? Who knows! Mum, I swear she heas it in for me, for me, for me!
(…the last excuses! Here come the last excuses! He’s hitting rock bottom:
now he’s digging, he’s digging again, with no dignity, with no dignity!)
Look, mum, I have a 7 in my school report, you know?
'Yes, if you add up all the marks you got!'
Oh, baby, I made such an ass of myself!
I study, but, you know, I study, but, you know I’m unlucky!
'So I’ll tell you: you’re an ignorant goat, you’re hopeless. Shame on you!
Your profession should be that of dunking your nards in liquid nitrogen! Shame on you!
You’re a goat, an ignorant goat! Goat! Goat! Goat!'
(Goat! Ignorant goat! You shit! Goat! Goat!)
It’s better to go drinking; in these exams, I…
even if I’m admitted to them, to me it’s better to go drinking!
'Oh, I understand, I understand… it’s just that… now what you’re gonna do
with all those 2s, 3s, 4s, that you got up until now? What are gonna do with them?
I’ll play them at Bingo!16
'Full of 3s in physics,
full of 3s in chemistry,
math: 3, history: 3, science: 3!'
  • 1. are a kind of Slavic skewers, beloved by Triestine people.
  • 2. schedina {little sheet} is the card used to bet in the Italian game of (and the game itself is usually called schedina), similar to football pools.
    The player bets his money trying to guess the results of football matches, usually from the Italian premier division (Serie A).
    For each match, the player must choose between '1' (win by the home team), '2' (win by the away team), and 'X' (draw).
    In the song, the Totocalcio results become the exam results: in Italian schools (especially secondary schools), marks are from 1 (or 2) to 10 (the maximum, possibly 'cum laude'), with 1/2 point increments; sufficient marks are those no less than 6.
    Usually, a mark of 1 or 2 is only given to students refusing to take an exam, or not answering anything during the exam.
    'X' is not mark, and in the song it probably indicates the exams that the student skipped by playing truant.
  • 3. is a district in Trieste.
    In Italian schools, all marks received by (underage) students, as well as every disciplinary action or absence from school or school report, must be acknowledged by a parent or legal ward of the student by signing a written note (usually tailored to the specific circumstance, not standardized) which the student must give back to the school.
  • 4. is a US shoe manufacturer, famous for their foam clogs.
    is a videogame console.
  • 5. It’s often said that was not good at math, despite being a genius in physics. In fact, he was very skilled at math, while he didn’t fancy the educational system at all, and he was also rejected at the admission tests to enter the University of Zurich, despite his excellent results in technical subjects.
  • 6. Gildo is a Triestine drunk homeless who insults people.
    See .
  • 7. is a very famous US comic book writer; he was the lead editor at Marvel Comics.
    Among the many characters he created, are the .
    In the song, '4' refers to the (bad) marks that he got.
  • 8. is a Italian singer-songwriter.
    His stage name comes from his early detractors who called him 'a zero'.
    His fans are called zerofolli {zero-madmen} or sorcini {little rats}.
    {the best years of our life} is one of his most famous songs.
    Another song by him is {the sky}.
    Renato Zero is from Rome; that’s why these lines are in Italian mixed with Rome dialect.
  • 9. is an Italian writer from the 1300s, who is studied in all Italian high schools.
    {hodgepodge} is a collection of writings by the 1800s Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. This too is (almost) always studied in high schools.
  • 10. , who lived in the 1500s-1600s, is the creator of modern science.
    He’s studied in Italian schools also because of the literary value of his works about popularization of science.
    was a hero in Greek mythology.
    Perseus is featured in the childish wordplay 'Sei Perseo? Trentaseo' {Are you Perseus? Thirty-seus}, because of its assonance with 'sei per sei, trentasei' (6×6=36) {six by six - thirty-six}.
    Romeo might refer to the main character of Shakespeare’s tragedy , even though non-Italian writers - including Shakespeare - are studied little in Italian schools.
    is a character from the Bible. He would never be featured in a school test. Most probably, he’s featured in the song to rhyme with the other names, and because zebedeo is also a slang word for 'testicle'.
    Anyway, the names make up a list which is completely extraneous to the shallow culture of the student in this song.
  • 11. giustificazione (or giustifica, or nota di giustificazione) is a written note by a parent or legal ward that a student has to present to the school when they come back to school after one or more days off, to check that that absence was justified (by illness, extra-scholastic commitments, etc.).
  • 12. When parents go to school (every few months) to talk to the teachers about how their children are doing, a typical description of the student is 'suo figlio è intelligente, ma non si applica' {your son is smart, but he doesn’t apply himself}.
  • 13. is a Catalan painter from the 1900s.
    , in the province of Udine.
  • 14. is a former Italian rower; he then became a TV sport commentator, and he’s famous for his frenzy while commenting (besides being famous for his size).
    See for instance .
  • 15. is an Italian art critic, who is mostly known for his TV appearances in which he yells and swears to anybody - and he keeps perpetuating this persona of his.
    His most famous curse is 'Capra! Capra! Capra! Capra!… Sei una capra ignorante!' {goat! goat! goat! goat!… you’re an ignorant goat!}.
    See for example .
  • 16. People gambling on lottery games like Bingo usually bet on numbers that have some significance to them, like the numbers in a special date, or numbers that were 'revealed' to them in a dream.
  • 17. is an Italian singer-songwriter.
    Among his most famous songs is @1:42.
You can use my translations however you like.
“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ― Dalai Lama XIV
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1In all of my thoughts,
everyday ones and newly-born ones,
one that [makes you] feel like singing,
like a waltz making your head
Like some persistent music,
heard and never forgotten,
A sudden wind
kissing you strongly on your face,2
Sea, bottomless sky,
navel of my world,3
A ship dressing overall of white,4
navy and sky blue,5
A rose in a drinking glass,
two geraniums on a windowsill,
flowery Trieste.
Ancient tavern songs
about wine, women, nostalgia,
my Trieste.
Group photos at Miramare,6
wearing navy uniforms,
Trieste on a postcard.
And your old people on the seashore,
a mermaid for dreaming,
Waltzy Trieste,
cheerful and boreal,7
imperial Trieste.8
Favorite of the sultan,
and of the emperor,9
Trieste, love.
Like a deeply loved woman,
lost and then sought for,
Trieste found again.
Tricolor in spring,10
border flag,
marksmen’s Trieste.11
Hope that reflourished
and was soon betrayed,
wounded Trieste.
Roman, republican,12
sell your petticoat dearly
if you must be Italian.
Flowery Trieste,
cheerful and waltzy,
imperial Trieste.
Favorite of the sultan
and the emperor,
Trieste, love.
Hope that reflourished
and was soon betrayed,
wounded Trieste.
Trieste, love.
  • 1. (Trst in Slovene) is a city in northeastern Italy. It’s on the sea, and very close to the border with Slovenia.
    Trieste has a rich history and culture, which this song refers to many times. It was especially active as a crossroads of cultures in the 1800s and early 1900s, because of its status as an international seaport and a natural link between Italy, the Germanic countries and the Balkans.
    Sergio Endrigo was born in in 1933. At the time, Pola and the Istrian peninsula were part of Italy (they were annexed after World War I). After World War II, Italy lost most of those territories, though not Trieste. Nowadays, Pola {Pula} is part of Croatia.
  • 2. It refers to the wind, typical of Trieste, which comes in sudden strong gusts, blowing at a speed up to 250km/h (155mph).
  • 3. = the center of the world, the crossroads of the world, a place of particular significance because of its cultural/spiritual/emotional value.
  • 4. = to string signal flags on a ship as a sign of celebration.
  • 5. blu = blue (only dark blue in Italian)
    celeste = sky blue.
  • 6. is a castle on the Gulf of Trieste.
  • 7. boreal = northern
  • 8. Italy was unified in 1861, but Trieste only became part of it later on.
    From early 1700s to World War I, Trieste was part of the Austrian Empire (except for a brief parenthesis in early 1800s, during the Napoleonic Wars).
  • 9. Up to the end of World War I, Austria was an (which was ruled by a sultan) controlled a vast area including the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, and north-eastern Africa, though they both declined after World War I.
  • 10. {tricolor} is the Italian national flag (green, white, and red).
  • 11. {marksman} = a member of the Italian Army infantry corps by the same name.
    The corps were created in 1836, and played a major role in the wars for Italian Independence (which finally took place in 1861).
  • 12. Trieste was annexed to Italy after World War I (around 1920).
    Though the most numerous community in the city was the Italian one, a very large number of Slavic people (in Trieste and in the other annexed territories) had to move away or to undergo forced Italianization.
    Italy became a Republic after World War II (in 1946).
    After World War II, Italy lost many territories to present-day Slovenia and Croatia, and Trieste - though still Italian - now sits very close to the border (it’s actually closer to Slovenia and Croatia than to any other Italian city).
You can use my translations however you like.
“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ― Dalai Lama XIV