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Alexander Horsch

Start Out On a Road

I'm going out onto the road, I'm looking down along it,
I see my sweetheart, he1 sees me too.
I want to call him, I regret saddening him,
I'm calling him anyway with a word or two.
Don't go away, sweetheart, do not leave me,
My heart's crying for you, I'm almost dying for you.
Thin is the spiderweb, even that's enough to hold me,
You can drag me to you even by a single hair.
You, my rose, over the forest of the world,
But I far over here on a field of sorrow.
Start out on a road, and I on another;
Where we'll find each other, let's not even say a word!
What will the one who sees us say?
(S)he will think that we are strangers.2
We are strangers, we hold love,3
Where we gather the two of us make love.
We are strangers, we hold love,
Where we gather the two of us make love.
  • 1. Hungarian personal pronouns have no gender, so it could as well be 'she'. I chose to use the masculine as the song's sung by a woman.
  • 2. Ie. to each other, not to the one seeing them.
  • 3. Ie. between themselves.