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Aleandro Baldi

It Will Pass

Songs are not written
but are born from theirselves
they are the things that happen
around us every day
It's enough to gather songs
there's even one for you
who are more tired of living
and never smile
songs are gypsies
and they steal poetry
they're deceptions like pills
of happiness
songs don't heal
loves and sicknesses
but that small pain
that existing gives us
will pass, it will pass
if a boy and a guitar are there
like you in the city
watching this life that doesn't work
that kills us with illusions
and with the age of songs
it will pass over us
sooner or later we'll all be done in the bank
with the whys and the maybes
and the anguishes of a rich poverty
to talk about the loves you don't have
to sing a song that you don't know how it goes
because you've lost it within yourself
and you only remember
it will pass
in a world of cars
and of high speeds
for those that always come last
for those who say goodbye
for those who beat in the obstacles
of diversity
songs are fireflies
that sing in the dark
sooner or later it will pass
this little pain that's in you,
that's in me, that's in us
and makes us feel like sailors
at the mercy of the wind and of nostalgia
to sing a song that you don't know
how it goes
but that little pain, whether it's hate or love,
it will pass
it will pass, it will pass
even if you only go 'la la la'
it will pass, it will pass
and a song will be good for something
if your little pain
whether it's hate or love
will pass