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Ada Milea

The femur

Versions: #2
I'm a medical school student,
My life is very busy and serene,
When I'm dissecting corpses,
I feel I'm drowning in formaldehyde.
Study materials are scarce,
Can't learn properly without them.
I need a femur bone,
So I'm going to the cemetery to steal one.
Between the crosses, in the heavy night,
I am digging out someone.
The deceased is entombed recently,
So the flesh needs to be cut off.
With the axe I cut the leg off - Hack!
With a knife I take the flesh off from the bone.
I take the femur and put it in my bag,
And I quickly bury the body.
I return home happily, I am victorious!
I take out the femur--it's such a joy to see!
I am the beloved student,
The best and the most loved,
The best and the most loved,
This is what I worked for,
This is what I worked for...
This is... what... I... worked... for...