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Abdullah Tariq

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A frightened heart

I've occupied your mind, I've become your whole world
you've fallen in love with me, I know, the one with a frightened heart
it's evident you love me I can see it in your eyes
don't try to hide it, you've got a transparent heart
how many times have I hinted to you, I want you like crazy
I haven't seen any fairness from your mind
try to come, my love, and leave your doubts
love does not last if it's become harsh
the way your hand trembles when we shake hands, your quietness
your voice is my serenity, now I don't want to hear any other
for god's sake, what's my life without you?
where can I find someone like you?
I've come to you and your love has shackled me to your prison
lock me in between the 'I' and the tenderness of the 'U'
I've occupied your mind, it's evident in your eyes
you've fallen in love with me, my love, say it and don't be afraid
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