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Tsun Tsun Tsunderetion

I put more effort into my outfit today. It's not like I did it for your sake!
That grin on your face is gross! Hey, stop staring at me!
At any rate, I'm bored so I guess I'll go with you.
Don't call it a d-d-date! Gross! Stop getting the wrong idea!
No matter what I say, my heart races so much I can't see what kind of expression I'm making...
You looked at me and asked, 'Your face is red, what's up?'. Just who's fault is that, you idiot!
Why have I come to like someone like you...
Acting sweet is out of the question. It's so embarrassing, I'd die!
I can't be honest with myself. Strange, isn't it?
Notice my true feelings already, seriously...
Just act natural... oh, no... my heart is tightening up
Even though you always look so boring... you seem cool today
'If we walk together like this, will we seem like lovers...?'
'Huh, what did you say?' you asked with a clueless look on your face. You're so dense, what a pain!
Why have I come to like you? I don't get it...
You don't look all that great and you don't understand women!
I can't find the reason why, but I like you
It would be nice if I could tell you my complicated feelings...
Facing you is always difficult
that's actually my fault, I know...
I want to be honest, but my feelings come out backwards
and I act cold...
Why have I come to like someone like you...
Being sweet is impossible... It's so embarrassing I would die!
Whatever I do, I can't be honest. Strange, isn't it?
I want you to like me as I am...
Our eyes met unexpectedly and now my heart is racing
A surprise attack like that is unfair... It's so embarrassing I'll die!
I'm so strange, but... 'I had fun today...'
This is the best I can do for now... I can never be sweet!